Best Buzzbaits for Pike Lure Fishing

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Best Buzzbaits For Pike

.Best Buzzbaits for Pike that catch predators lurking in weeds and shallow underwater structures avoiding snagging up.

Most fish are predators, but the Pike is a bigger predator, mainly because of its structure and features. It has sharp teeth, circuitous shape, bright eyes, and thick slop making pikes a bit difficult to tame.

Hence, you will need the best buzzbaits for pike if you want to catch them. Though commonly found in regions such as the Northern United States and Southern Canada, any area that enjoys a good ice cover, is definite to have a lake full of pikes nearby.

When you go pike fishing, you need to note that these fishes are incredibly aggressive in their approach. Therefore, when you fish for them, you need to maintain a fair distance and try to stay as away from the Pike as possible. Pike induced injuries can also be fatal; hence you should be safe while fishing.

In order to catch hold of a pike, you need to invest in an appropriate and high-quality lure. Out of the many lure alternatives available in the market, buzz baits are the most effective. Let us now get to know more about the best buzzbaits for pike.

What are Buzz Baits?

Buzz baits are the most effective lures while fishing in shallow waters. Even though all buzz baits look the same on display, each of these lures is different from the other. Based on what your requirements are, you need to choose buzzbait that is best for pike in particular.

The blade of the buzz bait determines the performance of the lure to a great extent. The positioning of the blade helps alter the vibrations and sound that the bait can make.

For instance, one buzz bait might make a loud noise underwater, while the other will only create little vibrations and emit a flash. It is always good to experiment a bit if you want to get your hands on the best buzzbaits for pike.

The colour of the buzz bait also plays an important role when you go pike fishing. The two most common colours in which you should buy your buzz bait are black and white. If you are fishing in dark water, then you need to use a black buzz bait. On the other hand, clear water pike fishing demands the use of a white buzz bait.

An additional point to remember here is to look slightly beyond the colour of your buzz bait. Invest in a lure that looks realistic and life-like so that it would become easier to attract the pike.


Here are a few Best Buzzbaits for Pike:

Booyah Buzz

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  • Planes quickly and runs true out of the package
  • BOOYAH clacker really attacks the blade
  • The 55 strand silicone skirt and a mustard ultra point hook do the rest

The Booyah Buzz is one of the best and most favourite buzzbaits for pike. They have a high-performance ratio relative to other buzz baits available in the market today. This product sells in 3 different sizes and 6 independent colours.

This brings a great deal of customisation in the hands of the angler. The Booyah Buzz creates a unique noise, which a pike can hardly miss. This buzz stands out due to its sharp Mustard Ultra Point hook and the 55-strand silicone skirt that sits on the jig. Many anglers have found tremendous success, using this buzz bait for pike fishing.

MegaStrike Cavitron Buzzbait

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Cavitron is still proving to everyone that it is second to none.

It is used by many pros on the BASSMASTER Elites as well as the FLW tournament trail.

Cavitron sports all the finest materials from it’s patented blade right to the sharpest Hooks. We are proud to bring you this world renowned buzzbait designed by 3-time BASSMASTER Classic Qualifier Lee Bailey, Jr.

Cavitrons Unique combination of the precision gold anodized Cavitron Prop, the patented “STEALTH” body and oxbow bend has been unchanged and will continue to allow Cavitron to Slowly crawl across the Surface. Cavitron is produced in the USA with the highest quality USA components.

The blades were designed to capture as much air as possible while rotating on the surface.

It is this capturing of air that allows our blade to turn quicker (with less friction) at a much slower rate of retrieve. Thus allowing Cavitron to be “The slowest Buzzbait EVER”.

Cavitron Buzzbait is one of the best buzzbaits for pike manufactured by MegaStrike so far. This lure is seen as a realistic bait as it moves at a plodding speed in the water.

If you are looking for versatility, then the Cavitron Buzz Bait becomes an apt lure for you to invest in. This bait is available in 2 different sizes and diverse colours. The design of this bait is such that it has multiple holes all over it, which encourages the free flow of air and water.

This design also contributes towards creating bubbles and a bubbling sound inside the water, which quickly attracts the attention of pikes. Additionally, this buzz bait boasts of a sharp hook, which is placed slightly towards the back to improve hook sets.


River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait

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River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait. Designed with two counter-rotating plopper blades to create twice the fish attracting surface disturbance.

The River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait is as effective in open water with extroadinary fish calling power.

The Double Ploppers design proves to weedless in heavy cover too.

Presentations include burning over open water, slow crawled through and over cover.

And because the Double Plopper float you can use a stop & go, dead stick presentation.

Whether you are planning to go pike fishing in an area free of weeds or a region with heavy vegetation, River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait is an ideal lure. This best buzzbaits for pike comes fitted with two blades that resemble jig heads.

Probably the best bussbaits for pike that holds tight to the waters surface with a load plopping sound creating a lot of attention to the underwater predators.

Eyes of this bait are such that no pike can stay without biting onto this lure. Likewise, the plopper blades on this bait can help the angler to retrieve the lure slowly and with care. This buzz bait is available in 4 different colours.

Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait – The Double Take

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Buzzbaits featuring the Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails and Sabre Point Trailer Hook.

Twin counter rotating blades create extra lift, enable a slow retreive, perfectly straight tracking and spray water outward for a commotion unlike any other buzzbait.

Included pre-rigged Sabre Point Bleeding Bait trailer hook and exclusive Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails.

A buzz bait that has only received positive reviews from anglers all over is the Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz Lure. You do not have to worry about the pikes damaging this buzz bait since it is put together using very durable material.

Its ease of action, coupled with the loud clattering noise that it makes, helps draw the attention of pikes. The success rate of this buzz bait is very high. This buzz bait is available in 9 different colours.

One of the best buzzbaits for pike when they dont seem yo been hitting the lure hard. The added trailing hook catches them curious gentle takes.

Terminator T1 Buzzbait

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If you are looking for a sturdy buzz bait that remains unharmed even after being attacked by the biggest pikes is the Terminator T1 Buzzbait. This is one of the best buzzbaits for pike available in bright white and chartreuse, white colours.

This buzz bait includes a titanium wire, which adds to its durability. The long shank hooks accompanied by this bait helps increase hook sets. The blades of this buzz bait are positioned in such a manner that they can make noise even in the absence of a clacker.

The Terminator T1 Buzzbait includes an upturned jig nose, which makes it easier for this bait to pass through sticks and grass.

Buzzbaits catch many different species of predatory fish

Video shows an unexpected big chub take a buzzbait.

Buzzbaits have been used across the world but are a rare ffind in the UK.

Big snakeheads fall foul to a buzzbait in Asia and used regularly in Thailand

.Canada and America enjoy great sport catching Northern Pike, Musky Walleye and Bass.

A great way to fish in the warmer months pulling the lure across the top of weed bed and other predator holding snags.


The month of May is the most favourable month to go for Pike Fishing. If you have a similar plan on your mind, then make sure you spend enough time studying the many available lure options. And, eventually selecting the most appropriate for the lake, you would be heading to the weather conditions prevalent in your region. This time invests in a Buzz Bait, and be sure to have a fun experience as you go pike fishing.