Best Glide Baits for Pike Lure Fishing

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Getting Familiar witha Glide Bait Fishing Lure

Glide baits for pike have become increasingly popular among anglers over the past few years Hard sinking glide baits with a single jointed part that allows them to swim in an S-motion are known as glide bait lures. When choosing a Glide Bait Lure, it’s crucial to choose one with lots of detail—the more bells and whistles the better!

These slow swimming baits give pike more time to examine the lure and its details. Naturally, when Glide Baits dart off in unexpected directions, a small element of surprise always enters the picture. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fun way to catch those large pike, Glide Baits should be high on your list of priorities.


Best glide Baits for Pike Lure Fishing

Thunderhawk CHA CHA Glide Bait


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Glide Baits that will elevate your Pike fishing. The Cha Cha 5 Glide Bait from Thunderhawk Lures, created by renowned swimbait designer Jerry Rago, is unquestionably successful. With a slight twitch, it can turn 180 degrees, adding to its versatile action’s silky-smooth glide on steady retrieve.

This Glide Bait Lotus is ideal for most rod and reel setups, measuring 5 inches and weighing 1 1/2 oz, so just unpack it and start fishing! Additionally, you won’t even need to worry about buying any additional hooks because this Glide Bait already has incredibly sharp treble hooks built in! Prepare yourself for the big catches.

28 Ratings: 8.8 out of 10


Berkley Zilla Jointed Glider

Berkley Zilla Jointed Glider

One of the best glide bait lures to catch a nice pike is unquestionably the Berkley Zilla Glider. You’re guaranteed to have a productive fishing trip with this lure’s slow sinking action, fusion 19 treble hooks, aggressive ‘S’ shape swimming pattern, and loud rattle.

The Glider Jointed Glider also features the Klip Lok system, which can be used to accelerate sinking if necessary, and is lead-free as an added bonus. So this lure should be on your list if you’re looking for a simple Glide Bait for Pike.

9 Ratings: 9.2 out of 10


Savage Gear Jointed Glide Swimmer

Savage Gear Jointed Glide Swimmer

The Savage Gear Jointed Glide Swimmer – Slow Sinking Lure is essential to have in your tackle box if you enjoy fishing, especially for pike.

This Glide Bait Lure will give you the impression that you are a skilled angler because it is made of top-notch materials and is based on an exact scan of a real fish. You can be sure that the fish won’t be able to resist it due to its lifelike appearance and realistic swimming action! We assure you that you won’t regret tying on this Glide Bait, so get ready for some vicious attacks!

Pick up some Glide Baits for pike, and you can catch plenty of fish on both saltwater and freshwater shores!

7 Ratings: 7.8 out of 10


River2Sea River 2 Sea Pl Sw 168 S Waver

River2Sea River 2 Sea Pl Sw 168 S Waver

The River2Sea PL-SW168S/SW15 s-waver Glide Bait Lure will be discussed. This is a genuine pike magnet that is intended to set off violent attacks.

Keep your rod tip up as this lure glides across the surface and slowly sinks, producing an incredibly alluring wake for killer pike, at 1 5/8 oz., 6 3/4in, two River2Sea (bn) treble, and a one-foot subsurface dive. This Glide Bait has a lifelike action unmatched by any other lure on the market thanks to the Pin and Tenon Hinge.

Prepare for the fight of your life with River2Sea’s Glide Baits!

429 Ratings: 9.4 out of 10


Bassdash SwimPike Multi Jointed Swimbaits

Bassdash SwimPike Multi Jointed Swimbaits

Do you want to catch the biggest fish as an angler? You have the solution: glide baits for pike. For your fishing excursions, the Bassdash SwimPike Jointed Glide Bait Lure is the ideal ally. The Glide bait has a remarkable swimming motion that can attack the entire water column thanks to its single-jointed construction.

With its sturdy ABS construction and soft fins, this glide bait is not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly tough. This Glide bait lure is worth diving into because it has metal joints that can withstand pressure to accommodate giant fish catches and a hook size of #2.

798Ratings: 8.6 out of 10


How to Retrieve Glide Baits to Inrease Hook Ups

Anglers with experience should use glide baits as their main lure if they want to catch some pike. Glide baiting is very effective when you want a specific type of action from your lure.

This type of bait should be cast out, allowed to sink to the desired depth, and then slowly reeled in by winding the handle slowly. A fish would expect the lure to dive, glide, and swim naturally, so be sure to pause occasionally while retrieving it.

When you are back on land or in a boat, keep doing this and alter your retrieve speed and pauses as needed. Glide baits are an underutilised but effective tool for catching large fish.

Glide Bait in Action Underwater

Glide Bait Lure Fishing

Just to be aware of the ideal method for catching large pike and perch.   Although Glide baits are larger, heavier, and require different rigs than other lures, if you take the time to learn the fundamentals of how to fish with them, you’ll start catching the large fish that typically elude standard lures.

Your fishing trip is sure to be successful with our high-quality glide bait options, which are available on our website. With so many different sizes, colours, and styles to choose from, finding the right one for you will be simpler than ever. It’s time to get hooked on glide active fishing! Glide baits are the perfect way to land big pike and perch


The Difference Between Glide Baits and Swimbaits

Pike glide baits are a great way to catch this renownedly picky fish. When being retrieved, glide bait lures use a single joint in the body of the lure to glide slowly from side to side with deliberate movements that mimic the appearance and feel of live baits like shad or eels.

Swimbaits, on the other hand, either have no joints or many joints, which produce a more active motion when retrieved in various directions. Due to their ability to draw bites even when the bite is slow, glide baits for pike are quickly gaining popularity among anglers. Whether you’re fishing in weeds, schools of baitfish, or rocky structure, Glide Baits will ensure that your trip won’t be completely wasted.


What are Glide Baits

Glide baits are simply hard sinking swimbaits, that has a single jointed part. These hard swimbaits swim with a wider S-motion in the water. The S movement is the reason for their name. And for that, some call them “Slide swimmers”.

In addition, you should know that glide baits are to be used as slow swimming baits. And as such, the fish will have more time to look at the lure. So, the more details on the lure the better.

The Glide baits have a hard body that also employs a tungsten ball on a spring that vibrates in the throat of the bait. It gives the bait subtle pressure waves that a predator can detect when the bait comes to rest or is slowly sinking on a pause.

As for their size, glide baits are available in several sizes and styles, such as 125185, and some even 250. The bigger you use, the more chances for you to catch bigger bass. For example, in the following video, you can see Butch Brown, a big bass and swimbait expert, catching several 10LB bass fish with his favorite glide bait, the “Deps 250”.

The Rods to Use For fishing Glide Bait Lures

A Glide Bait is a type of fishing lure that simulates a swimming action to attract fish. To maximize the effectiveness of these lures, it’s important to choose the right fishing rod.

For small to medium sized Glide Baits, a 7’6″ to 8′ long fishing rod with a heavy or extra heavy power rating will suffice. This length and power combination provides enough backbone to cast the lure and enough sensitivity to feel the subtle movements of the lure.

For larger magnum-sized Glide Baits, it is recommended to increase the length and power of the rod. This will help to handle the heavier weight of the lure and provide more control when fighting larger fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a glide bait lure work?

Glide bait lures work by creating a swimming action in the water that mimics the motion of a wounded or dying baitfish. This motion attracts predatory fish like pike, which are then tricked into biting the lure.


What makes glide bait lures effective for pike fishing?

Glide bait lures are effective for pike fishing because of their ability to imitate the motion of injured prey, which is irresistible to predatory fish like pike. They are also often large in size and equipped with multiple hooks, increasing the chances of hooking a fish when it bites.


What are the different types of glide bait lures available for pike fishing?

Some common types of glide bait lures for pike fishing include walking the dog style lures, sliding lures, and suspending lures. Each type offers a different swimming action that can be used to target pike in different fishing conditions.

Large heavier glide baits have oa more pronounced S shape swiming patern veering to the left for up to two meters and when you herk the rod tip, sweeps to the right of the sane distance. This enables you to cover a lot of water. Most Glide baits are slow sinking.


IHow do you use a glide bait lure when fishing for pike?

To use a glide bait lure for pike fishing, cast the lure out and retrieve it slowly, creating a swimming action that mimics a wounded or dying baitfish. Experiment with different retrieve speeds and techniques to find what works best in the given fishing conditions.