Best Lures for Catching Pike in Cold Water

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Introduction to Catching Pike in Cold Water

Pike is a well-liked fish among anglers because of its potent strikes and mouthwatering meat. The right lures must be used if you want to catch pike in cold water. 

We’ll look at some of the top lures in this article to help you catch more pike during the colder months. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to maximise your success on the water, regardless of whether you are an experienced angler or are just getting started.


Best Lures for Catching Pike in Cold Water

Are you sick and tired of going pike fishing and returning empty-handed? Are you prepared to improve your lure technique and capture the trophy pike of your dreams? We have the definitive guide to the top lures for catching pike in cold water, so stop searching, my friend.

Let’s start by addressing the obvious: picky eaters can exist among pike. They won’t simply bite any lure that is thrown in their direction. In fact, they occasionally exhibit blatant stubbornness. However, don’t let that deter you because you can outsmart even the most cautious pike with the right lure.

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Abu Garcia Beast Twin Tail

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For catching pike in cold water, the Abu Garcia Beast Twin Tail is a highly recommended lure. This adaptable lure can be cast at different depths and speeds, making it the perfect option for anglers pursuing pike in colder weather.

Predatory pike are sure to be attracted to the twin tail design’s lifelike swimming action, and the high-quality construction ensures dependability and durability. The Abu Garcia Beast Twin Tail is certain to be a useful addition to your tackle box, regardless of whether you are an experienced angler or a novice.   


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Soft Plastic Lure Rattles

Lure rattles can make all the difference for catching pike in cold water especially in murky conditions. For an added attracter insert a rattle or two in the soft baits head.

The pike generally attack the lure were the rattle is placed. In coldwater start with very large baits and move down to see what the pike is attacking. But big baits gives the pike a worthwhile effort for a large meal in cold water.

One of the best lures for fishing for pike in cold water is the Savage Gear 3D River Roach.  Even in the most difficult fishing conditions, pike are drawn to it due to its lifelike swimming action and realistic design, which includes a three-dimensional body. 


Soft Plastic Lure Add-Ons You Must Have

Being able to customize your soft plastic lure according to the depth of the water you are fishing by adding some weight. If the water is coloured extra attention is required with blades and rattles. This can be the difference between having a good day or going home early.

Along with the pulsating tail of a soft plastic shad, blades increase the vibrations and rattles give out a “dinner bell” noise to a hungry pike several meters away. These simple tricks will dramatically improve your chances of catching pike in cold water with lures.


Add weights to your rigged soft plastic shad. Just add them onto the end of the leader clip.


Blades for soft plastics. Simply push them in the side of your soft plastic lure.

Rattle & Spike, Rattles and screw weights for soft plastic lures. Just push them in.

Savage Gear River Roach

The Savage Gear 3D River Roach 18 cm Soft Plastic Swim & Jerk is a stunningly lifelike-looking lure made specifically for catching pike in frigid waters. A few of the characteristics that make it so successful at catching these predatory fish include its vibrant swimming action and large tail, which produces an alluring vibration.

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You can take advantage of this bait by fishing with it when the temperature is low because pike are especially active during the cold water season. The lure not only has a realistic appearance, but it also has an open mouth that enables the jig head to be fixed firmly in place. This increases your chances of landing a catch by making it much simpler to accurately cast out and retrieve.

This lure’s versatility is yet another excellent reason to use it for catching pike in cold water. The lure is appropriate for all types of fishing situations where pike may be present because it can be adjusted using weights and a stinger rig to reach any desired depth. Additionally, the design makes sure that the vibration from its sizable tail penetrates deep into the water, giving you the best chance of finding and catching a predatory fish.

All things considered, the Savage Gear 3D Roach 18 cm Swim & Jerk is a necessity if you want to succeed catching pike in cold water. When used in conjunction with your preferred jig heads or stinger rigs, its realistic design and intricate features make it an extremely effective choice, guaranteeing you’ll get more bites and more catches.

Pike Lure for Clear Cold Water

When it comes to Catching Pike in Cold Water, it all comes down to replicating the natural prey that pike would typically be feeding on. First thing to take notice of is the water condition, if it is clear and the weather is sunny the pike will hunt by sight, looking for there prey. This entails using lures that resemble small fish during the colder months, such as minnows or smelt. The lure we suggest is a natural pattern Rapala Super shad Rap.

This very popular lure is a floating diver and can dive up to 5 ft. After casting the 45 gram lure, crank it down  to your required depth and retrieve slowly with the occasional pause and jerk.  The natural swimming motion of this lure will drive pike crazy. There is no rattles in this lure as rattles in gin-clear water can spook the pike.  Great lure for catching pike in cold water when weather is sunny and water is very clear.


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For catching pike in cold water, the Rapala Super Shad Rap is a great option. This aggressive predators can be lured in with it thanks to its large size, robust hardware, and lifelike pattern.

The length, weight, and running depth of the lure are 5.5 inches, 1.625 ounces, and 5 to 9 feet, respectively. Its superior action, which resembles a baitfish’s natural swimming patterns, is made possible by the use of premium Balsa wood.


The Super Shad Rap comes equipped with two razor-sharp VMC black nickel treble hooks for a firm grip on larger fish and stainless steel through-wire construction for added durability when dealing with strong pike bites. The predatory nature of these fish is attracted by its realistic baitfish profile, and its size will draw greater attention from larger species in cold-water bodies like lakes, rivers, and bays.

Anglers should cast this lure as far as they can in cold water and let it sink naturally before starting the retrieval with a slow, steady retrieve that allows the crankbait to bob back and forth between pauses. During the winter or early spring when water temperatures are low, this technique will give you the best chance of luring a bite from pike hiding in deep structure or along colder shorelines.


Overall, the Rapala Super Shad Rap is a great option for year-round angling on northern pike in cold, clear waters. When attempting to land big game fish like pike, this tool is durable and dependable thanks to its lifelike painted pattern and sturdy hardware. When used properly in clear, cold water bodies, this large, floating crankbait with struggling fish swimming action is sure to draw strikes from even the most elusive predators!

Westin Swim Glidebait 12CM 58G

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A versatile and efficient fishing lure is the 12cm WESTIN Swim Glide Bait. It can draw a wide variety of species, including pikes, perch, and sea trout, and is simple to cast thanks to its 120mm size and 58g weight. 

It can run at a depth between one and three metres thanks to its distinctive S-shaped swimming pattern and suspending design. Lead-free and made of ABS plastic, it has carbon steel hooks in the Japanese style (#2). Its durability is increased by the body’s complete wire construction.

 If the water is warm, retrieve quickly; if the water is cold, retrieve slowly. Try out various methods, such as twitching or soft jerking movements, to improve your chances of being caught. When fishing for pike in crystal-clear, chilly water, the WESTIN Swim Glide Bait is a great option. These predatory fish find it to be an irresistible target due to its natural appearance and alluring S-shaped swimming action.


Reaching the preferred depths of pike in clear, cold water is made simpler by the suspending design, which gives you control over the depth of the lure. The lead-free design, ABS plastic construction, and Japanese-style carbon steel hooks offer the sturdiness and strength required for productive fishing in this difficult environment. 

The WESTIN Swim Glide Bait is a crucial tool for any angler pursuing pike in clear, cold water due to its long casting range and versatility when it comes to fishing methods.


Westin Mike The Pike 20cm

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If you want to catch pike in cold water, fishing with the Westin Life-Like-Lure is a great option. The lure’s intricate design closely resembles actual prey, making it ideal for drawing in these predatory fish. You can change the running depth of the lure using the two optional eyelets to get the perfect action in deeper or shallower water depths. When retrieval is interrupted, the low float buoyancy will cause it to rise gradually, emitting a natural “giving up” action that pike will find irresistible.

With a #1 hook size and Japanese-style carbon steel construction for exceptional strength and durability. It also has a Slide Lock connection, which makes switching lures simple and convenient and eliminates the risk of losing your hook in a struggle with a large pike. Casting accuracy is further enhanced by the Fulleyelet-to-Hook wire construction, which also keeps your line untangled during retrieval. This characteristic also makes sure that every time a pike in cold water strikes, the hook is set properly.

In conclusion, fishing with the Westin Life-Like-Lure is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to catch pike in cold water. This lure has all the features required to entice even the most wary predators lurking beneath icy waters, including a detailed design, adjustable running depth, low float buoyancy, and strong hooks made from Japanese carbon steel.

Big Lures for Catching Pike in Cold Water

What if, however, you want to step it up and compete against the big boys? We suggest using a larger lure that resembles a larger fish in that case. The Storm Giant Jointed Thunderstick is perfect for this. It attracts trophy-sized pike because of its large size and jointed body, which allows it to swim more naturally.

Westin Bull Teez Shadtail Rubber Fish Pike Lure 24 cm

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The task of catching pike in cold water is difficult but rewarding. You can be sure that you are working with one of the best tools available when using the Westin BullTeez Shadtail Rubber Fish Pike Lure 24 cm. This lure has a belly-flash action, realistic eyes, and a seductively flanking body. Additionally, it has an offset hook that makes guidance simple even at low speeds.

As it moves through the water, the large plate tail rotates from left to right, adding to its allure. By simulating a natural prey fish, the distinctive shape of the Westin BullTeez creates a vibration sensation that attracts pike to strike. It is the ideal go-to lure for catching pike in colder climates because of the soft rubber material used in the manufacturing process, which produces an incredibly lifelike movement.


The lure’s flash of light will attract the attention of nearby pike in murky waters, where they might be reluctant to feed due to poor visibility. As predators, they will continue to scan their surroundings for potential prey and will look into any ominous movements. No matter how low their visibility is, this lure is sure to catch their attention thanks to its high-quality design and shiny finish.


Fishing with the Westin BullTeez Shadtail Rubber Fish Pike Lure 24 cm will increase your chances of catching these large predatory fish in cold environments, whether you are fishing in clear or murky water conditions. This rubber fish effortlessly attracts predator species with its lifelike appearance and alluring movements!


In conclusion, catching pike in cold water can be a test of resilience and if the water is cloudy or clear creates another obstacle itself to overcome. However with a bit of knowledge and knowing the pikes senses used to hunt prey this puts you in with a great chance of rarely blanking. Cloudy water the addition of Vibrations like a big paddle tail or curly tail is a good start.

Insert rattles in the head of plastic lures or use Jerk or swimbaits with rattle built inside. Extra weight can be added to softbaits when mounted on a stinger rig using spike weights or link on weights which can be done in seconds without changing the lure.

With some great lures mentioned above, you know the basic principles to get successful on your next trip to catch a pike.

Happy Angling tight Lines


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you catch pike in cold water using soft plastic lures?

:When jigged slowly, soft plastic lures can be successful at luring pike in cold water.


What colour lure works best for catching pike in cold water?

In cold water, natural colors such as silver, gold, and bronze tend to be effective for catching pike.


Is it better to use a large or small lure for catching pike in cold water?

In cold water, it's usually better to use a larger lure since pike are less active and less likely to pursue smaller bait.

How deep should the lure be fished for catching pike in cold water?

In cold water, pike tend to hold in deeper water, so it's best to fish the lure near the bottom or in the middle of the water column.