Best Pike and Musky Lures

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Best Pike and Musky Lures You Should Be Armed With

Best Pike and Musky Lures to catch big predatory fish that all lure fisherman should have in their armoury.

Viewed as one by most fishing enthusiasts, pike and muskies are in real two individual and independent fish variants. Pike and Muskies are freshwater fishes. They are found in huge numbers in Northern America. Both of these species of fish are fast and aggressive by nature.

Therefore, whenever you fish for a pike or musky, you should be aware of the long fight that they would be putting up. If you wish to distinguish a pike from a musky, then the easiest way to go about is to eye their tails. Even though both these fishes have forked tails, musky shows off its pointed forks while pike boasts of a rounded tail.

In this scenario, you certainly need the best pike and musky lures if you wish to go home with some prize. More importantly, due to their aggressive nature and inherent trait to put up a fight, you cannot just choose any lure off the shelf. A lure that catches pike and musky needs to be the best.

A Good Quality Lure is an Angler’s Treasure

If you have decided to become a regular in the area of pike and musky fishing, then you should not leave a single stone unturned for fishing with the perfect lure. Quality should be your preliminary element of concern.

Since the lure you invest in will be used by you on a repeated basis, it is vital that you opt for a bait that is both durable and reliable. If this is done, you can avoid having to make repeat purchases. Hence, we suggest you to not purchase a lure solely because the price of the lure suits your pocket.

Best Pike and Musky Lures:

Savage Gear Hybrid


Big pikes and muskies love feeding on small pikes. Keeping this in mind, the Savage Gear Hybrid got introduced as a lure. This pack comes complete with one body and two tails. At 6.5 inches, this product becomes the best bait to catch the attention of big pikes and muskies.

This 3D scan of a baby pike looks life-like and real. The paddle tail sets this bait into action, which urges the predator fish to get hold of this lure. Innovative features are a highlight of this bait, and hence, we can call it one of the best pike and musky lures.

Okuma Fishing Tackle Savage Gear Alien Eel V2


Versatility is critical while selecting the best pike and musky lure, especially the ones which have a bigger size than average. Okuma Fishing Tackle Savage Gear Alien Eel V2 is one of the most versatile lures that stands out for its unique and contemporary features.

What pikes and muskies are going to notice about this bait is its seductive and natural swimming style, which in turn attracts violent strikes. Yet another add-on associated with this lure is its closed-circuit harness, which is extremely tough and sturdy as it is made of stainless steel.

The tail of this lure moves very slowly, which helps it to lay a definite trap. Additionally, this best pike and musky lure include a jig hook as also an under body stinger hook.

Booyah Pike Spinnerbaits


Spinnerbaits count as the most effective lures as far as getting hold of a big pike or musky is concerned. Unlike other baits that are manufactured with the purpose of creating realistic models to attract the pike or musky, spinnerbaits work extensively on creating flash and vibrations.

This is another sure shot method of attracting the predator. This holds true in case of Booyah Pike Spinner Baits as well. This spinnerbait will last long as it is made out of a Vibra FLX wireframe and thus remains unaffected by the sharp pike and musky bites.

This bait also consists of a 12-inch steel leader. This full-featured spinner bait includes a Silo-Tek skirt that puts forth a tremendous action when the bait ripples through the water.

Mepps Musky Killer Bucktail


Make the predator fall for your trap by settling for the Mepps Musky Killer Bucktail. This lure has a very real appearance because of its multi jointed design. This bait makes an ideal pick for big pikes and muskies.

More importantly, this best pike and musky lure is put together using ABS Plastic, a steel wire, 3D eyes and a rattle. Other features associated with this lure include its aggressive action and sinking compatibility.

As compared to all the other bucktails available in the market, this product has created a record of being able to catch the highest number of muskies.

Mizugiwa Pike Musky Dawg Fishing Soft Bait


It is always good to get your hands on a lure that is a slow sinking fishing lure, in order the catch the attention of big pikes and muskies. The Mizugiwa Pike Musky Dawg Fishing Soft Bait does just that.

This variant is available in four different colors. This bait is made of 100% soft plastic. This lure is balanced with a jig head. This assists the bait to swim at a 45 degrees angle on the fall and swim horizontally when on reclaim. In addition, the Unicorn Dawg can be turned, jolted and wiggled.

Hence, while being retrieved the bait moves front and back and the tail waves frantically, which then makes the predator unstoppable.

Lixada Multi-Jointed Swim bait


Pikes and muskies are always delighted to race towards injured baits. Lixada Multi-Jointed Swim bait rightly resembles a life like injured fish. Both new as well as experienced anglers can use this lure with absolute ease and comfort. This lure is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater.

This swimbait is available in different sizes. In addition, the swimming action by this bait looks extremely realistic, thus, making it one of the best pike and musky lures.

Since this bait has a streamlined body design, the chances of wind resistance are next to negligible. The sharp treble hooks make it a stunning catching tool.

Daredevil Spoons toby

daredevil-spoon yellow

Spoons are a favourite among anglers to catch hold of big pikes and muskies. The Dardevle spoon has always been a hit among fishing enthusiasts mainly because of its all-round performance.

These spoons are capable of creating a one of its kind wobblings and jiggling demeanour, which in turn pulls pikes and muskies towards this lure. For catching big pikes and muskies, spoons can be either cast or trolled.

Pike Lure Fishing tackle

Lure fishing is gathering popularity nowadays but still there are anglers fishing with old lures that are no longer fit for use. Firstly, we must accept that pike are a more delicate creature than previously thought. At one time many pike were killed as they were a threat to the general coarse fishing enjoyed by pleasure and match anglers. Times have changed for the better thank goodness.

Braid the only choice for Pike Fishing

Despite pike being prone to damage, tackle needs to be stronger than that used for other species, even carp. Hence, one dominant requirement is to use braided line of a weight-rating suited to the size of lure and size of fish you intend to catch.

For example, for light lure fishing up to 28 grams you could get away with 14 lbs mainline but aim as best you can hook up to around 25 lbs.  For jerk bait fishing I use breaking strains up to 60 lbs and have one reel filled with 80 lbs.

Berkley Whiplash braid is incredibly thin but super strong

This is to make sure that you do not break off and lose a fish leaving a mouthful of trebles. You need to get that fish onto the bank and for this mono just don’t make the grade to modern braids. Braids are thin and silky pound for pound than mono so a good quality 15 lbs braid diameter will match 3-4 lb mono and 65 lbs braid the identical to 15 lbs mono.

Therefore, whenever you fish for a pike or musky, you should be aware of the long fight that they would be putting up. If you wish to distinguish a pike from a musky, then the easiest way to go about is to eye their tails. Even though both these fishes have forked tails, musky shows off its pointed forks while pike boasts of a rounded tail.

Buying quality braid is pricy but merely an investment you will find that it lasts many seasons and when it starts to lose its colour, you can turn the braid around. De-spool and wind it back on from the original front end of the braid leaving the unused back on the front of your spool.

The other bonus you’ll make is the little amount you’ll need. 75-100 metres is enough. You will not cast anything close to that distance. Extra long casts prevent you having control over the working of a lure.

Take purpose made sharp braid scissors that will cut braid cleanly.

Braid is Pike friendly

Another benefit of braid is its ability to control a big fish landing it much earlier. This will prevent the fish from exhaustion and reduce the build-up of lactic acids in muscle tissue which can kill the fish. Braid, then, is the way to go and that is for all pike fishing.

Wire traces Are A Must

At the business end a wire trace must be attached at the end of your braid. Trace wire should be strong so don’t hesitate to use 20-45lbs trace wire. In conjunction with strong braid and should be possible to retrieve any expensive lures that get snagged on the bottom

. Traces should be long enough to wrap around a pike’s mouth without the mainline encountering its teeth so lengths up to 15-18inches is perfect.

Rigid steel traces used with jerk-baits, normally 6 inches to 10 inches rarely go close a pike’s teeth, so ideal fine for this method.


In this scenario, you certainly need the best pike and musky lures if you wish to go home with some prize. More importantly, due to their aggressive nature and inherent trait to put up a fight, you cannot just choose any lure off the shelf. A lure that catches pike and musky needs to be the best.

Pike Landing nets

Acquiring a landing-net making sure the netting material is coated with latex.

This is especially important in the fact it prevents lure hooks from getting embedded into the net itself.

Avoid using nets which are too deep. Pike is in the net after being caught start  thrashing and twisting furiously, deep nets can allow the fish to wrap itself and lure hooks up in the net making unhooking a nightmare plus fish being out of the water too long.


Savage gear pro landing net comes in two sixes, large and extra large. Target fish up to 20 lb the large size is fine, but if you are chasing specimens over 20lbs the extra large would be the ideal option.

Pike Unhooking Tools

You will need unhooking tools. Long-handled stainless steel forceps are ideal but some of them have long jaws which cannot exert the pressure occasionally necessary to dislodge the hook. But on the other hand are fabulous for very deep hooks when reaching the hooks means going through the gills of the fish.

The solution is to buy long nose pliers about 11 inch in length. These grag the hook tightly and remove hooks with ease.

Long nose pliers and forceps
Never go pike fishing without the essential tools. Unhooking pike is made possible with longnose pliers and a glove is useful for newcomers who have less confidence with handling a big toothy predator

You ought t equip yourself with side-cutters in the event you need to snip the hooks. The types designed precisely for pike fishing are recommended. if they are long enough. Most hook ups result in the pike jaws that can easily be removed. However, on the odd occasion they will engulf the lure and get hookway down the throat.

More times than not your forceps can reach the hooks going through the gills. Once the hooks are twisted free they should be moved up to the mouth and taken out the way. But rarely a hook will not be able to be removed with your tools. In this case side cutters are essential to snip the attached hook to save the pikes life.

Another must is not to ever use stainless steel hooks meant for sea fishing. Many good bass lure contain stainless steel hooks and are great for pike. The hooks need to be changed before use to bronze carbon freshwater hooks.

The reason for this freshwater hook corrode very quickly. Any pieces of hook let in a fish will eventually corrode away and fish is fine.

Stainless steel hooks do not rust and will stay in the fish which can be fatal.


There are gloves specifically made foe handling a pike as you may have seen some anglers wearing them. They will give inexperienced pike fishermen confidence in dealing with the unhooking process, but many experienced pikers prefer not to use them.

Gloves are suggested that they damage the gill racers on the fish when lifted or handled through them with gloves. Personally, I suggest using gloves to gain the experience of the unhooking process before trying to do the procedure without them.

Musky Fishing Tackle for Beasts

Big musky of around 45 lbs caught on bass tackle and a tube lure.

Musky fishing is not for the fait hearted it is an expensive sprt. All tackle is upgraded even down to some of the specimen sized baits. Rods and reels cost well in excess of $200 and even a landing net priced at over $100 its easy to see why some anglers choose to give this a miss.

Anglers that do go for it get some of the most exciting sport fishing out there and become adicks very easily.

Adrenalaine intensifying borderlining fishing the open seas for paleagic species like tuna and sailfish but on a huge freshwater lake.


The perfect starting point for the novice’s approach when it comes to rods. Something that is strong enough to cast large rubber baits, but soft enough to work top water and sliding baits. I recommend a long rod, anything longer than 8 ‘6 “, however aim for  9” or more. These longer musky rods have many advantages compared to their shorter counterparts.

  • Chaos tackle  Shock and Awe 9’ or 9’6” Hulbert
  • Croix Legend Tournament Big Nasty
  • Okuma EVX Musky Rod 9’3″
Maimline and Leaders for musky
line and braid

Baits for musky are expensive with price tags of $25 to $30 the norm. Last thing any musky fanatic want is line or leader to fail resulting in lost fish and a costly bait.

Good quality strong braid is required of at least 100lb breaking strain like the BERKLEY WHIPLASH 8 CARRIER BRAID FISHING LINE 150M. This comes in several colours and the 104lb breaking strain has a diameter of only 0.28mm and is super strong.

Pike and muskie not only have a significant case of overbite, but can bite almost any fishing line that doesn’t have steel wire. This is undoubtedly why the common leader of coated steel is considered standard equipment.

Stainless steel wire leaders prevent bite offs, but some anglers say can also prevent many attacks from happening in the first place.

This maybe true in certain clear conditions and lures ability to work most effectively, but on the whole musky when they are feeding are not fussy at all.


A good wire trace like above is ideal. At 135 lb is strong enough to deal withMusky baits most eventualities and no bite offs when hunting musky.

Musky Baits

There are thousands of musky baits to choose from, ranging from small spoons to 2-pound soft plastic baits. If you are new to the world of musk fishing, knowing where to start can be extremely difficult. This section of the article describes what I consider “must-have baits” for many musky anglers. Each bait has a time and place for different times of the year and conditions.

9″ Ernie Musky Mania Pike Crankbait Lure

The Ernie 9" lure by Musky Mania is a Big Fish Crankbait. The Ernie is a Crankbait lurethat really goes deep. It is great for searching sharp dropoffs, deep structures or getting down to suspended trophies in open water.

The perfect starting point for the novice’s approach when it comes to rods. Something that is strong enough to cast large rubber baits, but soft enough to work top water and sliding baits. I recommend a long rod, anything longer than 8 ‘6 “, however aim for  9” or more. These longer musky rods have many advantages compared to their shorter counterparts.

9″ Squirrely Jake Musky Mania


The 9″ Squirrely Jake lure, Orange Tiger color, is with a rubber tail. With deep flat sides this lure has a tremendous wobble and flash. High quality lip holds up where most others fail.  This lure has been around for years and responsible for many large fish.

10″ Multi-Jointed Fishing Lure Big Swimbait


 The Multi Jointed life like lure has an aggressive action with a fish attracting rattle inside. Real fish imitation weighs 148 g and of 10″ catapults from bait casting es big musky regularly. Can be trolled but best results by casting and retrieving adding big pulls and jerks. Rapid retrieves will keep it in the higher water levels and slower for deep running. Great for musky and pike.

Grinder Musky Spinnerbait


This 3 oz grinder spinnerbait is perfect for fishing over water cabbage where pike and musky lurk in ambush. At 8″ long is a real visable target with attractive spinning blades that give off sound and vibration that predators cant resist.

10″ Whopper Plopper


The 10″ whopper plopper is a real killer top water bait. Rotating rear fin makes a load “plopping” sound and agitates the surface quite furiously. Deadly for big musky, very simple straight retrieve at various speeds.

Figure of 8

Figure of 8 at the end of a retrieve can inspire a following musky to take the bait. All boat lure fishermen should finish off the retrieve with the figure of 8.

With the rod tip in the water wait till the lure is just a few few feet from the tip and pulll the rod through the water creating the figure of eight. Musky will not be bothered your rod is in the water.

Pulling the rod tip through the water quite hard and dragging the lure behind hit has often caught a curious following musky. Don’t miss out on this trick it can be well rewarded.

Musky Landing Net

Frabill 8450 Power Catch Big Kahuna Teardrop Landing Net, 40 x 44-Inch

  • Teardrop hoop with flat bottom net
  • Tangle-free knotless netting to eliminate injuries to fish
  • Saltwater safe
  • The hoop and yoke on all Power Catch Landing Nets are backed by Frabill’s LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • 48″ slide handle

Getting the right landing net is crucial for these beautiful big predators . Rubber coated netting helps to stop a struggling musky with a lure full of trebles thrashing around imbedding the hooks in the netting. This can be a major problem, but the rubber coating prevents this catastrophic event happening.

The large size will land the biggest of musky plus the handle is extendable, this makes a perfect choice for boat anglers too.

The big Kahoonha is very expensive but worth every penny and is a necessity for musky. Will payback dividends not needing to spend a duration untagging a fish that is taggle with the attached lure in the net.

A safe way to handle musky , quickly dealing with them reducing stress for a successful return back to the water to fight another day.


To preserve this fantastic sport ALWAYS CATCH AND RELEASE fish, Unhooking safely, handle with upmost respect and return to the water quickly is a massive contrebution to maintaining this super experience for all to enjoy.

Having the tools is import and here is a list that should be at hand always.

  • Long nosed pliers at least 11″
  • Musky glove
  • Musky landing net
  • Hook file
  • Unhooking mat
  • Long forceps over 10″
  • Side cutters ( hook cutting tool) Long as possible with short jaws

NEVER use a gaff this is very harmful and in my opinion should be banned and big fines issued to those who posess one at a water.

NEVER use stainless steel hooks, these do not corrode and remain in a fish untill it becomes fatal in most cases. Sea lures are used to catch muskiy and are loaded with stainless steel trebles. Just replace the with the bronzed carbon variety and they are fine. Save your stainless steel hooks for the sea.


If you are an angler, who has made a decision to go pike and musky fishing, then it is understood that you will have to invest in the best pike and musky lures that help attract these water beasts. Do not know which lures to buy? Take a glance through the above options.