Best Pike Baitcasting Rods for Big Lures

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Finding the Best Pike baitcasting Rods for Big Lures

Finding the Perfect Pike Baitcasting Rod for Big Lures Pike baitcasting rods are an essential tool for anglers looking to target big fish. With their predatory nature and widespread presence in UK waterways, catching pike can be a thrilling and challenging experience.

Having the right tools is essential when pursuing these fish with large lures.
We will examine the top pike baitcasting rods available in the UK market in this article. We will also go over the important factors to think about when purchasing a rod for pike fishing, such as power, action, and length. So whether you’re an expert or novice angler, keep reading to learn about the best pike baitcasting rods for large lures!


Top 5 Pike Baitcasting Rods for Targeting Big Fish

The right pike baitcasting rod is crucial when using large lures to catch big fish. The five rods on our list were carefully chosen for their strength, ability to handle heavy baits being thrown over long distances, and durability. These rods are certain to satisfy your needs and surpass your expectations, regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are as an angler. With the top 5 pike baitcasting rods for big lures, get ready to advance your pike fishing!


Daiwa Prorex E-184 Power II Pike Baitcasting Rods

Daiwa CASTING ROD PROREX E - 184, Power II
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Excellent and reasonably priced, the Daiwa Prorex E-184 Power II is a pike baitcasting rod from the well-known company Daiwa. It is a four-piece graphite spinning rod with a power rating of PE-II, making it appropriate for casting weights between 80 grammes and 180 grammes, and it is available in four different lengths, ranging from 2.10 metres to 3.5 metres. Even the lightest lures can be cast with excellent control thanks to the rod’s extreme flexibility.

With a Fuji K-Series K-concept guide with Alconite rings for casting large lures and a full EVA and cork reel seat for a comfortable grip, this pike baitcasting rod has a premium build. The Daiwa Prorex E-184 Power II, which is made for heavy-duty use, can handle even the biggest pikes in calm waters. This pike baitcasting rod is a great option for your upcoming fishing trip, regardless of your level of experience.


– Rod is well made and has taken several heavy hits with no damage

– Rod comes with a 3 year warranty which is great for piece of mind

– Rod has excellent action, making casting distance easy


– None! It’s a top quality pike rod that can’t be faulted in any way.


Westin W6 Powercast-T 233cm XXH 40-130g Pike Baitcasting Rods

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A top-performing pike baitcasting rods from the Japanese fishing equipment expert Westin is the Westin W6 Powercast-T. Its medium/heavy action and ability to cast weights of 40–130g make it a potent option for pike fishing with big lures. This rod delivers excellent power and durability for large pike despite its low price.
Made from premium SCII graphite and reinforced with carbon fibres for durability without adding weight, the Westin W6 Powercast-T is built to last.s


It has a stainless steel hooded reel seat, a cork handle with aluminium oxide guides, and is treated with Armor Tough technology to withstand harsh environments. The higher price tag and investment nature of this pike baitcasting rod make up for its superior performance. The Westin W6 Powercast-T is an excellent choice for your upcoming fishing trip, whether you’re going after large pike or bass.

Fuji K guides

High quality foam handle with hook holder, EVA butt cap & butt swivel

Supplied in a cloth bag with pocket


Rod is well made and has taken several heavy hits without damage

It’s an affordable rod that punches above its


None! It’s a top quality pike rod that can’t be faulted in any way.



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A top-performing rod for fans of pike fishing is the SHIMANO CASTING ROD YASEI PIKE 120-270g. Its Toray H40 carbon fibre construction offers excellent sensitivity, and Fuji guides and reel seats are included for better performance. The rod is offered in two lengths: 269 cm and 260 cm, both of which have a line weight rating of 120–270 g and are therefore excellent for casting large lures.


Shimano’s “Kigan Master Hand 3D” guides, which are made to last longer when fishing with large lures, are also included on the YASEI PIKE rod. The natural cork grip makes long fishing sessions more comfortable for anglers. This pike fishing rod is an inexpensive option that provides excellent value for the money thanks to its high-quality construction and its ability to handle weights up to 270g.


– Rod has a good to high quality build and it will last for years if you take care of it properly


– None! It’s a top quality pike rod that can’t be faulted in any way.


Abu Garcia Beast Pro Pike Jerkbait Baitcasting Rods

Abu Garcia Beast Pro Pike Jerkbait Baitcasting Rod
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.Anglers who use jerkbaits or swimbaits to catch large pike should consider the Abu Garcia Beast Pro Pike Jerkbait Baitcasting Rod. It features a resilient IM7 graphite blank, titanium guides, and an ergonomic reel seat that reduces fatigue. This rod is perfect for casting big jerkbaits or live bait because the line guides have been polished to reduce drag when fishing with heavy lures. The Beast Pro is ideal for pursuing large predators like pike because it has a line rating of 50–80lb and a casting range of up to 45m.


Fast action, great sensitivity, and excellent power are some of the Abu Garcia Beast Pro Pike Jerkbait Baitcasting Rod’s standout qualities. The rod has excellent line control thanks to the titanium guides, and it is lightweight thanks to the graphite blank. Anglers who want to cast accurately and precisely, even with large lures, should use this rod.

Long periods of time can be spent holding the reel seat comfortably thanks to its ergonomic design, and the cork handle’s non-slip properties even when wet. The Beast Pro is made to withstand the worst conditions and offer anglers the highest level of performance. This pike baitcasting rod will ensure that your fishing trip is a success whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater.



– Rod has a good to high quality build and it will last for years if you take care of it properly

– This rod’s design allows it to cast weights of up 180 g with ease, making it perfect when pike fishing with large l


– None! It’s a top quality pike rod that can’t be faulted in any way.


SHIMANO Beastmaster Lure

SHIMANO Beastmaster Lure Baitcaster Rod
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For fishing pike, the Shimano Beastmaster 200g Pike Baitcasting Rods is a high-quality and economical option. The rod is made of Japanese Toray Carbon and features a split grip design that offers increased sensitivity, enabling anglers to feel every bite and make precise casts. This rod’s 2.70m length and adaptability make it suitable for a variety of fishing situations and bodies of water.

The Shimano Beastmaster 200g Pike Baitcasting Rod is a dependable and effective option for pike anglers thanks to its graphite blank and rust-resistant aluminium oxide guides. Its split grip design improves sensitivity, making it simpler to accurately land pike. This rod is sure to impress whether you are a seasoned angler or just getting started.

The Shimano Beastmaster Lure 200g heavy casting rod also has a powerful and quick action, which makes it ideal for seasoned anglers pursuing larger pike. You can cast larger lures and baits with ease because the rod has a 200g weight rating. The rod’s high-quality reel seat is another feature that enhances stability and sensitivity, allowing you to feel even the smallest bite and set the hook with ease.

Additionally, this rod is incredibly light, making it simple to handle and manoeuvre even during extended fishing sessions. You can fish with confidence and keep your energy levels up thanks to the cosy EVA grip, which offers a secure and non-slip grip.
The Shimano Beastmaster Lure 200g heavy casting rod, in summary, is a top-performing pike baitcasting rod that provides excellent value for the money. It is a necessity for fishermen looking for a strong, superior, and dependable rod for fishing for pike. This rod is the ideal option for any pike angler thanks to its adaptable design, quick action, and potent performance.


– The rod is strong but also sensitive, meaning you can detect any bites with ease.

– This rod has a medium/heavy power rating and can be used for catching big pike.


– Some customers have reported that the line guides occasionally come undone. However, this can be easily fixed with superglue or threadlock.



Using a big swimbait lure pays off with this greedy pike.

What is a Pike Fishing Casting Rod?

Pike baitcasting rods are the kind of specialised equipment needed when pike fishing with big, heavy lures. These rods are built to withstand the weight of large lures and the force of a large pike, enabling them to cast farther and engage in fish-fighting manoeuvres. A high-quality “Pike Baitcasting Rod” is the ideal blend of comfort and toughness because it is lightweight and strong in the middle and butt sections.
When fishing in large bodies of water where giant pike can be found, such as Grafham, Rutland, Llandegfedd reservoir, and Scottish lochs, it is essential to have a heavy baitcasting rod that can cast lures into the distance and support the weight of these beasts, which may exceed 40 pounds. Invest in a “Pike Baitcasting Rod” of the highest calibre.


What to Take into Account When Selecting Pike Baitcasting Rods

There are a number of things to take into account when choosing the proper size of a heavy pike fishing rod, including the type of fishing location, water depth, and the size of lures you intend to use. A spinning rod might be the best option if you’re fishing in open water, but a baitcasting rod is preferable if you’re fishing near vegetation or other obstructions. Additionally, it’s crucial to think about the kinds of lures you’ll need to cast and pick a rod with the right rating for the lures’ weight.


A medium or light action rod with a length of 7 to 10 feet is suitable for smaller and lighter lures, while a medium to heavy action rod with a length of 7-9 feet is ideal for larger and heavier lures. Additionally, if you want to successfully land a pike, you should spend money on a good, well-reviewed rod. Medium light action (slow to medium) pike fishing rods typically have a length of 7’0″ to 7’6″, a medium action of 8 feet, and a heavy action of 8 feet to 9 feet.


In conclusion, a serious angler must find the best pike baitcasting rod for large lures. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to take the rod’s size, action, and materials into account. High-quality rods will help you cast large lures accurately and successfully because they are durable and made of materials like graphite and titanium.

Additionally, it’s important to select a rod that is appropriate for your fishing style and the kinds of lures you intend to use when it comes to size and action. Investing in a top-notch pike baitcasting rod will undoubtedly improve your fishing experience and raise your chances of reeling in the big one, whether you go with the Abu Garcia Beast Pro Pike Jerkbait Baitcasting Rod, the SHIMANO Beastmaster Lure, or another premium option.

Best Pike Baitcasting Rods for Big Lures