Best Summer Pike Lures

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Best Summer Pike Lures That Work

Best Summer pike lures that seem to be preferred in these warmer are very often bright coloured baits work out the top contenders.

Taking a good selection of the right colours for pike if you are attempting a session of lure fishing for pike are essential.

A pike is a freshwater fish, which has been living in the UK for about 50,000 years. It is a relatively large-sized fish, commonly found in rivers. An ideal time to go pike fishing is between October and March.

A riverbank is a perfect place to fish for a pike. Pike fishing becomes tough during poor weather conditions. Most anglers see pike fishing and regular fishing as one.

However, to become an efficient Pike angler, the angler needs to understand that there can never be a real comparison between pike and regular fishing.


Best Summer Pike Lures


Daredeevle Spoons for Pike


daredevil-spoon yellow


Daredevil Spoons are the most effective and best summer pike lures. These spoons are available in various sizes and colours, the most basic one being the lure with red-white stripes.

Over the years, spoons are made available with a touch of modernity, the latest best-selling picks being the mackerel and rainbow trout ones.

However, most anglers are happy to use the yellow spoon with red diamonds design as they feel the success rate of pike fishing is highest with this spoon. These spoons can either be trolled or cast based on how you would like to use them or what the weather conditions on a given day are.



Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait




The Booyah Pike Spinnerbait has taken Pike fishing activity by a storm, all credit to its high flash, strong vibration, and ease of use.

This spinnerbait comes with a 12-inch steel leader. An ultra-tough Vibra FLX wireframe is used to make this spinnerbait to keep up with the mouth of a pike.

Various colour options available in this spinnerbait variant include craw fish, perch, luminescent glow reuse, and sunfish.

The purpose behind creating this spinnerbait was solely to attract northern pike and muskies. This best summer pike lure can be used in areas of dense vegetation because its design prevents it from being stuck between weeds.



Rapala Super Shad Rap



The best summer pike lure has some all the properties needed to catch a pike successfully.

More importantly, it has a realistic shape boasting a life-like pattern. And that is precisely what Rapala Super Shad Rap looks like. This lure is put together by using sturdy Abachi wood.

The Rapala Super Shad Rap is hand-tuned, and tank tested. It has a natural baitfish profile.

When the climate is not conducive or when you are fishing in dirty waters. Try to use lures with patterns that are clearly visible such as the Redhead or Firetiger.

The same lures can also be used to attract saltwater species.



Livetarget Hollow Body Frog


hollow body frog


One of the well-designed, minutely detailed, and realistic frog baits to attract pike is the Livetarget Hollow Body Frog.

This best summer pike lure works best in areas with dense vegetation and full of weeds as it has a weedless design. It can easily glide over the surface from left to right, as it is almost weightless.

This frog lure is available in a combination of dual colours. Its custom double hooks ensure that it offers the highest hook-up rates. It takes the thrill of topwater fishing to an all-new level.



All Bill Lewis Rat-L-Traps


rat l traps


An artificial lure that is most productive in the area of pike fishing is the Rat-L-Trap lure.

Made in the USA, these lures have been around for about 35 years. The paint on these lures looks absolutely realistic. These come complete with interior rattles, which is why they make enough noise when left inside a river.

The Lewis Rat-L is yet another one of the best summer pike lures that will make it super easy for you to attract the fish.



Musky Innovations Magnum Swimmin Dawg Pike


magnum swimmin dawg


Professional guide Luke Ronnestrand has designed the Musky Innovations Magnum Swimmin Dawg Pike. It is made out of soft plastic, this lure enjoys ease of swimming making it look very realistic. The tail of this swimbait creates loud vibrations, which in turn helps attract the attention of a pike.

This product is highly durable. Since it comes in a custom shaped and reusable clam shell packet, it becomes easier to store this lure for longer time duration without disturbing the design or shape of the lure.



Lixada Fishing Lure


swimming lures


The best way to lure a big pike is to place a small pike around. Lixada Fishing lure does just that.

With 3D supported real looking eyes and body, which resembles a real fish, this is the most effective and another one of the best summer pike lures to attract a predator.

The design of this particular lure is such that it can create S-swimming motion at any speed. Lixada Fishing lure dives inside water in such a manner that it is difficult for the pike to differentiate it from a real fish. Since this lure is made out of ABS material, it is highly durable and thus lasts longer.



Heddon Rattle Spook Lure




A lure that shines so bright that it can catch the attention of a pike is the Heddon Rattle Spook Lure.

This lure is made of plastic and has threefold hooks attached to it. These hooks help to hold on to the pike firmly. Since these hooks are very sharp, one has to exercise extra caution.

This lure creates a sound that resembles the noise a fish would make while trying to flee away, which in turn catches the attention of the pike. The tungsten ball bearings that are located in the chamber inside the lure create this sound.

Though this lure can be trolled and cast, the best way to use it is to make it swing side to side. Also, the lure scurries inside the water in such a manner that it resembles a helpless prey. This is another way of attracting the pike.



If you are considering going pike fishing anytime soon, then it would be a good idea to invest in one of these best summer pike lures mentioned above.

They are made to last, have a realistic shape and allow you to catch the pike with ease. If this is done, every time you go pike fishing, you are sure to be accompanied by a pike on your way back home.