Buying the Right Spinning Rods for Pike Fishing

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Finding the Best Spinning Rods for Pike Fishing

The best spinning rods for pike should feel lightweight in your hand for ease of use when playing fish, whilst still being robust enough to take a big pike. Pike spinning rods also feature heavy guides to deal with thicker lines and give you more options for using the low-stretch braided superlines that have become very popular recently.

Spinning rods for pike are designed to be mixed and matched with Pike reels, Pike baits and Pike terminal tackle in order to get the right blend of feel, weight and attraction for Pike fishing. Pike spinning rods are supplied in a variety of lengths from 9ft to 12ft within medium-heavy or heavy categories by numerous manufacturers.

Good spinning rods for pike fishing do not have to be expensive and people who are on a limited budget can still buy high performance tackle as we are going list some great brands that give maximum walue for money, but above all catch and cope with big fish.

This big fish was landed using a lightweight Abu Garcia Spinning Rod

Popular Brands for Spinning Rods For Pike

Popular makers include Abu Garcia, Shimano, Fox and Daiwa spinning rods for pike. Reels vary from relatively lightweight ‘all rounders’ through to specialist Pike reels with heavy drag, line roller and high-capacity spool. Pike fishing uses Pike rods (light or heavy), Pike reels (medium to specialist) and Pike baits (artificial or live) in order to create the right feeding response via weight, feel and scent.

Line Choice for Your Spinning Rods for Pike Fishing

Line ratings for Pike spinning rods are generally between 10lb and 15lb although Pike rods are often bought for Pike fishing in warmer waters where lines with lighter ratings are more appropriate. In the UK pike are predominately targeted in cooler months of the year.

Many factors are considered before choosing line weights and lures depending on the water conditions and the swims you are going to fish. for example, low visibility water that runs deep will require a heavier lure with additional attractors like a large curly tail or load rattle in the lure selection. This in turn needs stronger line, preferably braid with a lower diameter but is a lot stronger than mono.

Casting with braid is more accurate and covers longer distances on the cast. I recommend breaking strains for heavier pike spinning of no less than 35lb break strain. Of course the rod needs to be stronger, medium heavy with casting weights of 60 – 80g as using a larger bait a bigger pike is likely. 

Strengths of Spinning Rods for Pike Fishing

Spinning rods for pike come into their own for Pike fishing close in where you can cast Pike baits right into the Pike’s face and use the Pike rod to play Pike more closely. Pike spinning rods are designed to be balanced with a high-quality Pike reel for optimum feel and performance when playing Pike on the lightest lines and fittings.

Sizes: 7ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft

Tackle Weights: Medium-Heavy Pike spinning rods are often balanced with Pike reels that offer high line capacity and powerful drag for playing Pike. Pike spinning rods also include shot loops at the end of the rod for snap weights to get you casting further out. Pike reels need to be capable of holding strong, Pike lines for Pike spinning rods. Pike reels are generally designed to cast heavy, braided Pike lines that are less stretchy than monofilament Pike line.

Pike spinning rods revolve around the idea of playing fish in close, using light Pike rods with Pike reels and Pike baits on light line. The best pike spinning rods feature slightly longer belly lengths and will enable Pike anglers to cast Pike baits further out and feel more of what they’re playing. Pike spinning rods also include a shot-loop or similar for Pike fishing.

Affordable Best Spinning Rods For Pike Fishing

What Type Of Pike Spinning Rods Is Best For Pike Fishing? We want to know what pike spinning rod you use for Pike fishing. How did you find that Pike spinning rod, was it the size or length that worked best, or is there some other factor that makes that Pike spinning rod stand out from the rest when Pike fishing? Well here is a guide to some of the most popular spinning rods for pike we put together that are affordable and more than adequate in the search for big predatory fish.

BERKLEY URBN Spinning Rod 1.9m 1-8g - Fishing Rod Ultra light

1.9m Pike Spinning Rod for Pike Fishing at a Great Price! Berkley URBN Pike spinning rods are 1.9m Pike spinning rods from the Berkley range, one of the most successful budget fishing brands in Australia and worldwide. The Berkleys name is synonymous with high quality fishing products at incredible prices, and these

Pike spinning rods are no exception. The Berkley URBN Pike spinning rods feature excellent actions with super sensitive tips for detecting bites in deep water, berkley durability and economy wrapped up in one great budget fishing rod.

The Berkleys range of Pike Spinning Rods is a line up of performance orientated Pike Spinning Rods that are suitable for Pike fishing around the region. Pike Spinning rods feature either 1,2 or 3 piece Pike spinning rods depending on your preference. With an array of Pike Spinning Rod models to choose from you will not be disappointed with Berkley Powerbait Pike Spinning Rods.

Berkley Urbn. See Details

BERKLEY URBN Spinning Rod 1.90m-1-8g The URBN range or rods are made for the angler who doesn’t need platforms to fish from and over hanging trees as features, the concrete jungle is your playground. carbon 30 T

Colour coded rod actions

Street style cosmetics

Daiwa Ninja X SF Spin 2.45m 15 - 50g

Daiwa Ninja X SF Spin 2.45m 15 – 50g Pike Spinning Rod Product Description The Daiwa Ninja X SF Spin Pike Spinning Rods have been designed with Pike spinning in mind, but there is no reason why adventurers won’t find them useful for all types of predator fishing including Bass and Zander. You may not be able to fight the largest Pike on this Pike Spinning Rod, but then Pike spinning isn’t about that.

The Ninja X SF Spin™ Pike Spinning rods are designed for fishing with artificial lures and can be used with a variety of line classes from 0.35mm upwards to give a wide range of lure weights for superior casting performance. Whats more they also boast high quality Fuji® O-ring K-Series guides and a great looking matt black finish.

The Pike Spinning Rods use what Daiwa call their ‘K-Best’ blanks, these are designed to offer optimum Pike spinning performance without the traditional Pike Spinning rod blank problems such as excess weight or bulkiness. Pike Spinning Rod 2.45m 15 – 50g

Product Features

K-Best blanks designed for optimum Pike spinning performance without the traditional Pike Spinning rod blank problems such as excess weight or bulkiness Fuji O-ring K-Series guides for all Pike fishing applications Matt black finished ‘E-finish’ aluminium reel seat for enhanced blank aesthetics Pike Spinning Rod 2.45m 15 – 50g

Lure Fishing Rod Daiwa Ninja X SPIN 2.7m 40-80g
Daiwa Ninja X Spin See Details

Length: 2.70 metres / 8.86 feet / 8.86 feet

Casting weight: 40 to 80 grams / 1.41 to 2.82 ounces

Transport length: 141 centimetres / 55.5 inches
Parts: 2, Guides: 8

Weight: 210 grams / 0.46 pounds

Fox Rage Street Fighter 230 cm 10-35 g P Spinning Rod

The Fox Rage Street Fighter Heavy Shad 10-35 g Pike Fishing Spinning Rod is perfect for working larger shads. It has a stylish but muted design, and it’s lightweight and balanced.

You’ll love the light weight reel seat and hook keeper on this rod. Plus, the reflective whipping on the tip will help you fish under streetlights. It also features Fox Rage camo finish on split Eva handle for an extra touch of style.

Why Should i buy Fox Streetfighter Spinning Rod?

Perfect for pike fishing, because the split handle reduces weight on your hand, while adding comfort when fighting fish.

Strong braided line is no problem for this spinning rods with reinforced guides. Line goes easily through there, without a problem.

Offers outstanding value for money, because of its quality/price ratio.

Fox Rage Street Fighter See Details

10-35g casting weight

Light-weight reel seat

Hook keeper

Length: 230 cm

Ideal for Casting Larger Shads

Sonik VaderX Spin Rod 9ft 20-60g

The VADERX Spinning rods are an ideal choice for the committed lure angler who is looking for top performance and specification without breaking the bank. A lightweight carbon blank is designed to perform across the lure fishing spectrum by offering a fast and fairly powerful action for tackling high powered predators and hard fighting fish.

The top-quality blank has been finished with a high-grade cork handle with rubberised cork reinforcement for comfortable and warm grip in cold weather. Featuring high frame K-style guides for tangle free smooth line release and greater casting distance, these rods are great value for money with performance to match. Perfect for boat or bank fishing.

Sonik VaderX. See Details


•Lightweight, progressive action blanks

•Slim ergonomic cork handles with rubberised cork reinforcement

•Quality DPS reel seat and hook keeper ring

•‘K’ style guides for low line friction whilst casting

•Anti-Tangle 105° forward ring sweep with deep drawn frame for extra strength and protection

•Low profile tip guides for increased tip recovery

Daiwa Sweep Fire Spinning Rod

This is a great and cheap spinning rod. It’s made of high-quality materials that will last for years. If you’re looking to save some cash when buying your next big fishing pole, I would definitely recommend the Daiwa Sweep Fire Spinning Rod.

The Daiwa Sweepfire Spin is a range of high quality spinning rods that are perfect for the beginner or occasional angler. These rods are built with quality carbon blanks that offer durability and a lightweight. The rod is fitted throughout with aluminium oxide guides. The rod has a quality cork handle and a hook keeper ring to wind your line in tight when moving from one water to the next. The rods are primarily black in colour with graphic fire logos on the blank near the handle.

This is a great and cheap spinning rod. It’s made of high-quality materials that will last for years. If you’re looking to save some cash when buying your next big fishing pole, I would definitely recommend the Daiwa Sweep Fire Spinning Rod .

Daiwa Sweep Fire. See Details

Quality carbon blanks
Aluminium oxide guides
Hook keeper
Cork handle
2 piece construction

Final Thoughts

The selection of spinning rods for pike in this blog post offer an affordable option but have the quality and backbone to use heavy lures to tempt the “Big One” . There are many different pike spinning rods out there, but some are very expensive and maybe not worth the investment if pike lure fishing is only done on a more casual basis.

I do recommend if you are new to poke fishing to go out for a few fishing trips with a more experienced angler that has caught pike. Get familiar with handling a pike correctly and learn how to unhook them safly before going out alone.Pike are an apex predator in Briotish Warerways and extremely important to the natural eco system, so they deserve our respect and care to ensure they are returned vack to the water quockly and in full health. If all is done correctly, pike fishing is a exciting sport and will give you many fond memories and talking points throughout your life.

On this note, take care and “Tight Lines”