7 inch ShadTeez Space Perch

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7 inch ShadTeez Space Perch

Westin ShadTeez 19cm H&B special colours (1 piece) – Westin products at low prices: Westin ShadTeez 19cm H&B special colours (1 piece) & other rubber fish ✓ Top prices ✓ Telephone advice ➤ Learn more..!


7 inch ShadTeez Space Perch ShadTeez 19 cm Special Colours Pack of 1

7 inch ShadTeez Space Perch

The Westin ShadTeez is one of the most successful rubber fish for fishing for predators such as pike perch, pike and perch.

And now in cooperation with us a ShadTeez Special Edition of this first-class paddle tail softbait, which is available exclusively here at hechtundbarsch.de.

The exclusive designs of Westin 7 inch ShadTeez Space Perch

It is certainly a guarantee for autumn and winter fishing.

The water is often becoming clearer during the season, the small perch collapsed into huge swarms.

An absolute feed magnet for all robbers to the most capital of their kind. A logical consequence and a big plus if you then have a bait that mimics these feeder fish almost perfectly.

The color combination Ghost Perch is already known and popular by the #LMAB bait series KØFI Perch and KØFI Plötze.

This is a transparent rubber fish that has a slight colour in the upper part.

Depending on the background and light incidence, this ShadTeeez corresponds to the colouring of its surroundings and sparkles in different shades.

This is a very natural décor, but it does not have its full strength in the water, because here it looks like a young perch.

The Space Perch decor is a much more offensive colour combination.

The yellow of the flanks looks noticeable and is not completely UV-active, but is well perceived in the water by the predatory fish.

The UV effects of the shovel of the tail and the orange stomach set the right accents, so that this bait is also visible in quite cloudy water.

One need that the most popular color among anglers necessarily belonged to one of the most popular and successful rubber fish.

The facts Westin ShadTeez Special Edition

The special edition includes two decors in five different bait sizes between 7 cm and 19 cm. The bait weights are

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