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Floating Swimbait Deadly For Pike

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Makes fish attack

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Floating Swimbait Spro SB80 BBZ1 -Pack of 1

Floating Swimbait Deadly For Pike And Musky

A large floating Real Fish Action swimbait with an unbelievable natural swimming action. A very slow retrieve works best and pike just love crunching down there jaws on these exceptional lures.

The Bill Siemantel Signature Swimbait BBZ-1 80 is the most realistic swimbait on the market today.

The BBZ-1 80 is available in a floating, a slow sinking and a fast fall swimbait. This bait does things that no other swimbait on the market does.

Everyone who has seen the bait says there is nothing currently on the market that will compare to action, color and quality of the BBZ-1 80.

Makes fish attack

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