Okuma Komodo SS Baitcaster Reel Large Capacity

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Okuma Komodo SS Baitcaster Reel Large Capacity

Stainless steel main gear for power and strength
Heavy duty stainless steel drive and spool shafts
Rigid diecast aluminum frame and sideplates

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Okuma Komodo SS Baitcaster Reel Large Capacity


OkumaKomodo SS Baitcaster Reel Large Capacity Low Profile Chrome steel primary tools for energy and {strength|energy|potential}
Heavy accountability Chrome steel force and spool shafts
Rigid diecast aluminum body and sideplates
Corrosion resistant coating procedure
Synchronized Levelwind optimized and Zirconium line information inserts for braided line

My reel arrived yesterday in perfect condition I got the kids-463plx. I love the reel it is very smooth, app knobs has positive clicks including the drag. My only grip is that the power handle is not counterbalanced but it is very nice in every other way. This reel is large similar in size to a lexa. A great reel from okuma where aesthetics and pop take a back seat but quality and function shine. Saving you$$$ I would rate this reel right up there with my more expensive Shimano Tranx.....✔....Very nice reel. I have it paired with a Shimano Trevala F medium Casting. So far it has tackled 3 Amberjacks and a Vermillon snapper with jigs no problem. (Im primarily using it for jigging as it has 30lbs of drag vs my Abu Toro Beast 25 and the Okuma has the feeder follow the line when the drag is being pulled.) I do wish they included or sold a power cranking handle like the Abu Toro Beast as that is what I would use. It needs an extra inch or so of leavage for me and the handle could be a bit larger. The reel physically looks larger than the abu which is fine for me. I have 80lb power pro slick in it and I have been loving it so far. The handle cap screw came off on my first trip. Luckily I saw it on the deck when I was getting ready to leave. It had fallen off after we were done fishing and heading back. I do prefer the Abu magnetic controls rather than having to open the reel but thus far I have not really had much of a chance to mess with them. Update! I changed the handle out for a power cranking handle I was using on my Daiwa Lexa 400. It totally changed the dynamic and feel of the reel and it has become my favorite over the Revo Toro Beast with its power cranking handle. Okuma you all really need to make one or partner with someone who will sell it third party!....✔✔....Love it!!! Light,smooth and cast like a champ!!!....✔✔✔...

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