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Paddle Tail Shads 20cm Soft Plastic Pike lures

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2pcs/lot Pro Pig Shad Pike Lure

Optimized flexibility
Realistic Eyes
Easy action paddle tail

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Paddle Tail Shads 20cm Donad 2pcs/lot pro pig shad pike lure paint printing Lure Paddle tail Natural Musky 20cm 50g

Paddle Tail Shads 20cm Pig Shads

A Deadly large soft plastic pig shad paddle tail swimbait pike lure with a fantastic vibrating tail action that big predatory fish just have to eat.

The pig shad tempt the larger fish to attack.

Category: LURE

Type: Artificial Bait

Length: 200mm

Weight: 50g

Color: 10 colors (Paint printing)

Type: Artificial Bait

Material: PVC

Position: Lake River reservoir pond ocean beach fishing ocean boat fishing

Model Number: Soft Bait

Optimized flexibility
Realistic Eyes
Easy action paddle tail
High body design with great belly flash
Hand painted detailed colors


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