SHIMANO TRANX Baitcaster Fishing Reel Price: £274.38 (as of 06/04/2023 20:36 PST- Details)

SHIMANO TRANX Baitcaster Fishing Reel

Baitcast fishing reel with Power Handle. Retrieve: Left
Gear ratio: 7.6:1, weight: 12 ounce, Max. dragforce: 18 lbs
Mono line capacity (lbs/yd): 12/330, 14/260, 20/160

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SHIMANO TRANX Baitcaster Fishing Reel

SHIMANO TRANX Baitcaster Fishing Reel LowProfile. Shimanos’ Tranx lets you fish in any environment with power, precision and ease. With X Ship technology to provide massive cranking muscle as well as HEG for smooth retrieval action that’s great when throwing big baits or catching bigger game – this tough reel will not let your expectations down! Plus CoreProtect Water Resistant Technology gives long lasting durability so even if it gets wetted out by rainwater during heavy rains then don’t worry because these reels can still take care of business just like they always have before.

Baitcast fishing reel with Energy Deal with. Retrieve: Left
Tools ratio: 7.6:1, weight: 12 ounce, Max. dragforce: 18 lbs
Mono line capability (lbs/yd): 12/330, 14/260, 20/one hundred sixty
Powerpro line capability (lbx/yd): 50/275, sixty five/one hundred seventy, eighty/one hundred forty
Line retrieve in line with crank: 40 inch, Bearings: 5 ballbearings and 1 rollerbearing

I absolutely LOVE this reel. I paired it with a st-croix Mojo Musky 8'6" heavy power fast action to throw big musky lures. it is extremely comfortable if you palm your lp reels, I had bought a daiwa Lexa HD before and it was way too big for me, the Shimano is much thinner and smoother and fits me better.....✔...The item arrived quickly and was per description. Single power handle. Already own one version of this reel. Top class Shimano reel with huge speed and line retrieval....✔✔...Initially, I had purchased the 400 AHG (higher speed) and a similarly sized Daiwa LX reel to see which I preferred for adding more of this size reel (for musky fishing primarily). The decision was easy! The Daiwa failed right out of the box - the thumb button/clutch constantly failed to work properly (engage) upon casting out and starting the retrieve. Fortunately, I was in a boat with a fishing guide in N. Wi. who also owned a fishing shop. He said flat out, return the Daiwa, they are known to have such problems. He sells Daiwa's and we fished a few Daiwa's that day. Even the one's we used had some problems with clutch engagement (sometimes engaging in mid cast). The Shimano Tranx has never once encountered this problem, has continued to perform very well throughout this season. The Shimano Tranx is simply a smooth operating, and so far, very reliable reel. I have seen the Shimano Tranx encounter a single episode of inexplicable drag change (literally down to no drag), but I am not sure if this is the result of an action I took that resulted in this. Since it's happened only once, has not repeated it, I tend to believe it is something I did. What I don't really like about the Shimano Tranx is their spool tension system (centrifugal). It works, I just don't like that I have to open up the side plate (w/ quick release) and try to manipulate the little/tiny plastic pieces (without pulling them too far out - and potentially off) and hopefully not lose them. The end result is that I find that fine tuning adjustments that I would normally make on a casting reel, I simply don't feel comfortable making (on the water) with these reels. As a result, I find that too often, I am not fishing the reel ideally adjusted to the lure I am throwing - or more likely - to the person who is currently using the reel. Overall, I can highly recommend these reels. I have 3 of them, the 401H, the 401 AHG (higher speed) and the 301 AHG (higher speed). At least I think I have the correct numbers indicated. All of my casting reels are left hand retrieve. Everybody who used them is right handed. Personally, I just don't understand the concept that we are supposed to buy reels that force us to change hands either in mid cast or upon cast completion. It's been funny watching people use my reels who have always bought the right hand retrieve reels. In most cases, they initially respond by saying that they are not sure if they are going to be able to cast/use them as well. In every single case, those who claimed to prefer and only use right hand retrieve reels, after using the left hand retrieve reels for a day, say that they prefer them and in the end found them much more natural and easier to use (not having to change hands after/during casting) and using a retrieve that they (most people) grew up with. Cast right handed, retrieve left handed (ie. spinning reel style). I have also found that bringing in a larger fish is easier - controlling the rod with my stronger right arm while reeling with my left. I don't get the rod twist (as I do catching sharks with right hand retrieve reels), as I am controlling the rod with my predominant hand/harm/strength. I run the Tranx 300 and 400 reels with 20 pound mono backing and 80 pound braid to a flouro leader (for musky fishing).....✔✔✔...

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