Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Lure

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Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Lure

Floating Deep Diver
Brilliant internal 3D prism
Newest generation of Yo-Zuri’s Proven Crystal Minnow


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Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Lure


The Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver is the fishing lure in issue; it is a multipurpose hard bait made to entice a range of game fish, such as tuna, striped bass, and bluefish. The lure mimics the scales and movement of a real baitfish with a realistic profile and holographic finish.
The Crystal Minnow Deep Diver is made to dive down to depths of up to 20 feet (6 metres), making it perfect for pursuing larger fish that are known to dwell in deeper waters. A specifically crafted lip on the front of the lure gives it a diving ability and creates a wobbling motion as it goes through the water, luring predatory fish to strike.

Floating Deep Diver
Sensible interior 3-D prism
Latest technology of Yo-Zuri’s Confirmed Crystal Minnow
Diver intensity: 13 ft
Weight: 7/8oz


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