Best Spinnerbaits for Pike and How to Use Them

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Spinerbaits for Pike How Do They Work

Using the right lures can make pike fishing simpler and more effective. Anglers have a lot of options, including spinnerbaits. Spinnerbaits have a smooth, flowing action that imitates a swimming baitfish and blades that vibrate and flash, which are effective at drawing pike in.

Spinnerbaits for pike can be used in a variety of speeds depending on the water’s clarity or muddiedness. Spinnerbaits are a must-have in every angler’s tackle box due to their adaptability and effectiveness, and they work particularly well for fishing shallow cover.

The best spinnerbaits are unquestionably something to think about if you want to improve your pike fishing technique.


Choosing the Right Spinnerbaits for Pike

You know how important it is to have a wide variety of lures in your tackle box because you enjoy fishing for pike so much. Spinnerbaits are a time-tested and reliable option that can significantly increase your fishing success. Choosing the best spinnerbaits for pike can be challenging because there are so many options available.

That’s where I can help; I’ve tried them all and am ready to share my top picks with you. I’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for the spinnerbait with the highest rating overall or the best value. The best spinnerbaits available will help you up your pike fishing game.


Top Picks of the Best Spinnerbaits for Pike

Molix Lover Triple Willow Spinnerbait.

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A top-performing lure made specifically for catching pike and other predatory fish is the Molix Lover Triple Willow Spinnerbait. The renowned angler Mike Iaconelli created this spinnerbait, which features a triple horizontal shovel that produces exceptional vibration and brightness in the water.

Even when used as a drop bait, the set is incredibly captivating and perfectly balanced during recovery. The powerful single hook adds stability and strength for a successful catch.


The spinnerbait is a highly effective bait for luring pike due to its distinctive profile, head shape, natural eyes, finishes, and colour range. The Molix Lover Triple Willow Spinnerbait is an essential item in every angler’s tackle box because it works well when dropped close to the bottom and retrieved with sharp jerks.

col. Special White
1/2 oz – 14 g.
Special White

8 Ratings 8 out of 10

Strike King Tour Grade Double Willow Spinnerbait

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With this spinnerbait, you can target pike with greater success and have a more enjoyable fishing trip. With its 3D eyes and moulded gill plates, it looks incredibly realistic.

Its distinctive head design effortlessly cuts through water and vegetation while keeping the lure balanced. The hand-tied silicone skirt gives the piece a more realistic finish, and the light wire frame amplifies the vibration made by the Willow blades. The Strike King Tour Grade Double Willow Spinnerbait is a great option if you want to catch pike.


Reason to buy Strike King: 

The Strike King Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait has a new, ultra-sleek head design that allows it to cut through water and vegetation while staying balanced and true to its course, making it a great option for spinnerbaits for pike.

Realistic Spinnerbait Search for Pike: The Strike King Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait has lifelike features like 3D eyes and moulded gill plates that will draw in pike and make it a good option for spinnerbaits for pike. 

Increased Vibration for Spinnerbaits for Pike: The Strike King Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait’s light wire frame produces a pulsating flash and increased vibration that are sure to attract pike. This makes it the perfect option for spinnerbaits for pike.

Improved Action for Spinnerbaits for Pike: The Strike King Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait is a great option for spinnerbaits for pike because the willow blades move freely and produce a realistic swimming action that pike won’t be able to resist.

The Strike King Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait is a good option for spinnerbaits for pike because of its hand-tied silicone skirt, which gives it an extra dash of realism and lifelike flair.

Strike King is a reputable company with a track record for creating high-quality fishing lures that produce results, and the Strike King Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait is no exception, making it a great option for spinnerbaits for pike.

17 Ratings 9.8 out of 10


Booyah Tandem Counter Strike Spinnerbait

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When using spinnerbaits to target pike, the Booyah Tandem Counter Strike Spinnerbait is a top performing choice. It’s a great option for spinnerbaits for pike because of its distinctive counter-rotating blades, which produce a different look and vibration from other spinnerbaits.

The lure is given an additional realistic touch by the 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt, which makes pike find it even more alluring. Additionally, you can feel secure in the hookset and landing the catch if you use a Mustad Ultra Point hook and a 5/0 Mustad Hook size. Try the Booyah Tandem Counter Strike Spinnerbait on your next fishing trip if you want to catch pike so you don’t miss out on a great day of fishing.

Reason this Spinnerbait is worth a fry!

Tandem Counter-Strike Spinnerbait for Pike, ooyah

Maximum Flash: This spinnerbait produces more flash than any other spinnerbait, which makes it a very alluring option for pike.

Unique Vibration: This spinnerbait stands out thanks to the unique appearance and vibration the counter-rotating blades produce, making it a good choice for spinnerbaits for pike.

High-Quality Skirt: The Booyah Tandem Counter Strike Spinnerbait is more alluring to pike thanks to the 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt, which adds more realism and lifelike flair.

Strong Hook: This spinnerbait for pike comes with a Mustad Ultra Point hook, so you can be sure that the hook will set and the fish will be caught.

Versatile Design: The Booyah Tandem Counter Strike Spinnerbait is a flexible option for spinnerbaits for pike with a 5/0 Mustad Hook size and a combination of a #3 Colorado Blade and a #4 Willow Blade.

93 Ratings 9 out of 10

SAVAGE GEAR Bass & Pike Fishing Lure DA BUSH

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Spinnerbaits are a necessary lure in every tackle box for anglers who want to catch pike. The Da’Bush Spinnerbait from Savage Gear is a fantastic option for pursuing these tough fish.

The frame is made of stainless steel, which guarantees its strength and durability. Its specially designed closed snap eye makes it possible to change traces without any hassle. The lure’s blades produce an alluring “helicopter” movement when it hits the water, and a ring on the belly of the lure adds weight as needed. 


Along with a silicone curl tail trailer at the back, its silicone and tinsel skirts move in a seductive manner. Additionally, it has a detachable stinger hook that makes it easier to hook pike.

The Da’Bush Spinnerbait is well-known for its exceptional water action and excels at luring in predatory animals like pike. When trying to draw large pike from afar, its wide-bladed design creates a larger profile than most spinnerbaits, which can be useful.

Anglers on a budget can always benefit from getting more use out of their lures because the lure’s body is made to hold up even after being struck by several fish. This spinnerbait is strong and casts well thanks to its aerodynamic shape, making it perfect for both close-range and far-reaching casting sessions.

18 Ratings 8.8 out of 10



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When pursuing pike in weedy waters, the Fox Rage Spinnerbait is the ideal lure for all species. Two willow blades on this spinnerbait offer maximum attraction to entice these fish to strike.

The combination of the single, incredibly sharp and powerful hook and the sturdy silicon skirt creates additional pulsing attraction for the pike to notice. Additionally, when used in conjunction with Rage soft baits mounted on the hook as a trailer, this lure offers an irresistible presentation thanks to high-quality jig heads with 3D eyes.

Regardless of their level of angling expertise or skill set when it comes to pursuing pike in weedy waters, both novice and experienced anglers will find the Fox Rage Spinnerbait to be a great choice. Its single-hook design ensures it stays firmly attached when those thrilling strikes happen, and its two willow blades emit a tonne of attraction!

This is one of the best spinnerbaits on the market right now thanks to the inclusion of extremely realistic jig heads with 3D eyes. Purchasing this high-quality item could help your pike fishing excursions be much more productive than they have ever been!

10 Ratings 8.2 out of 10


Berkley Zilla Spinner Bait

Berkley Zilla Spinner Bait
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One of the best spinnerbaits for fishing for pike lures in weedy and murky waters is the Zilla Spinnerbait.

With its loud spinning blade and large skirt, it is intended to draw attention to the bait so that pike can’t help but be attracted.

The Zilla Spinnerbait comes in sizes of 25g and 50g and a range of tried-and-true hues.


The detachable stinger hook on the 50g version, which increases the angler’s chances of a successful catch when a weedless presentation is not required, is an added bonus. Regardless of your casting or trolling style, you have the right bait with this spinnerbait.

Comparing the Zilla Spinnerbait to other fishing lures, there are several benefits. First off, compared to lighter lures, its heavy weight enables it to hit harder bottom environments like weeded areas better. Second, the materials used to construct these baits are of the highest quality, so you can rely on them to last.

They won’t rust or break off during arduous casts or retrievals. Third, spinnerbaits for pike move through the water more smoothly and with less vibration than other similar types of baits like crankbaits, which lessens fish fatigue and increases strikes from bigger predators like pike.

6 Ratings 9.6 out of 10



Anglers can choose from a huge selection of sizes, colours, and styles when it comes to the best spinnerbaits for pike.While there are many choices on the market right now, choosing ones that are made especially for pike can greatly increase success.

It’s important to think about size, blade types, and design elements that can draw more attention from pikes when choosing spinnerbaits for pike. Bright or fluorescent hues can be particularly effective at luring these predators. Additionally, anglers should search for characteristics like realistic baitfish patterns and rattles that cause vibrations.

Anglers will be sure to succeed by using these tricks and tips along with trial and error to determine what works best in any given circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spinnerbait?

A spinnerbait is a type of fishing lure that consists of a metal blade that rotates around a central axis, creating vibration and flash to attract fish.


Why are spinnerbaits effective for Pike fishing?

Spinnerbaits are effective for Pike fishing because they mimic the movement and vibration of prey, causing the Pike to bite. Additionally, the metallic flash of the spinning blade can also attract the Pike's attention.

What size spinnerbait should I use for Pike?

The size of spinnerbait to use for Pike will depend on the size of the Pike in the body of water you're fishing. A good rule of thumb is to use a larger spinnerbait for larger Pike and a smaller spinnerbait for smaller Pike.

What color spinnerbait is best for Pike fishing?

he best color for a spinnerbait for Pike fishing will vary depending on the water clarity, time of day, and other factors. Some popular colors for Pike fishing include silver, gold, and chartreuse.

Where should I cast a spinnerbait for Pike?

When fishing for Pike with a spinnerbait, you should cast in areas where Pike are known to reside such as weed beds, drop-offs, and other structures. Additionally, you should also pay attention to seasonal patterns and feeding habits of Pike in the body of water you're fishing.