Best Swimbaits for Pike Fishing with Lures

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Best swimbaits for pike fishing that have a very successful catch rate, but first lets understand more about this ultimate freshwater predator.

As one of the finest predators in the waters, fishing for pike can be challenging, offering a huge sense of achievement on a successful land.

The best time to catch them is between October and March when they are at their fittest, when many other sensible anglers are in the warmth! This makes the conditions challenging, and even dangerous at times.

So it is a pastime which must be conducted with great thought. It’s a breed of fishing all its own and no pikeman will be a success if they don’t respect the differences in these beasts of our waters.


About the pike

Native to the UK, pike have remained largely unchanged for 50,000 years.

Their patterned scales are unique to each fish, like our fingerprints. They lie in wait for their prey, whether it be other fish or amphibians and attack by ambush, making them one of the most successful predators we have.

In water, they are to be respected but when out, they must be handled gently.

Expect to land a fish weighing between 5 and 10lbs, although you might be lucky to get one around 20lbs. But never hold them aloft or touch them with anything dry. And remember to put them back as quickly as you can.


Lure fishing for pike in the winter is not for the fait hearted. In these cold conditions river levels are usually higher than average, but results can be incredible.

How to catch a pike

Angling at the right time of year is the best place to start but in terms of where, pike are common in most waters.

Canals, reservoirs and rivers should all contain some pike but if you are not used to river fishing thanks to a background in other types of angling, start carefully.

Inclement conditions and fast-flowing currents can pose huge problems. Start small if needs be – pike can still be found there.


Types of swimbait

Lures are one of the best ways to catch a predator such as a pike which is why swimbaits are so popular among seasoned pike anglers. There are different types available but the best type to choose is one that has the most lifelike action.

Rapala Super Shad Rap


The rapala super shad rap is one of the lighter of the lure with a 45 gram casting weight and floating diver. This lure is very versitile and has been responsible for catching large pike for many years. Diving down to six feet with a very enticing wobble when retrieved makes this a simple swimbait to fish with.

Can be a little expensive, but definately one that you need in your lure case.

Swimbaits come in jointed sections, the best being with 3 and in the shape of a fish. When dragged through the water, these lures mimic the movement of the type of prey a pike would go for, swimming in an ‘S’ shape in a cruising like fashion.

Westin Teez Shads


Westin teez shads are a super swimbait. Coming in different sizes even down to small shads ideal for perch. For pike i recommend the larger sizes of 19 cm upwards.

By attaching a jighead and stinger they are one of the best swimbaits around. Straight retrieves or jerking these pike catchers all produce takes. A definate in any lure box.The s

Some colour options in natural or bright patterns are perfect for summer lure fishing for pike.

Making a stinger for your softbait rigs

Some swimbaits have the benefit of a rattle which will alert the pike to its whereabouts. Whilst these fish do hunt by eye, they will use sound too. It’s useful to choose a swimbait with more than one triple hook too in order to help guarantee the fish will be caught when it launches its attack.

Strike Pro Wolf Tail Lures 16cm


Swimbaits  like the strike pro wolf tail can produce fish when all else fails. This swimbait can have a steady retrieve and occasionally pause to sink the lure then a big jerk to start moving it to imitate a startled dying bait fish. I highly recommend this hybrid lure. Chewed up tails can be replaced and are readily available.

Savage gear Inline Albino Trout


Floating, suspending and sinking models are also available for a seasoned pike angler, offering versatility year-round, even when the season isn’t perfectly suited to pike fishing. Just ensure you adopt a straight retrieve to give the best chance of success.

Percy the Perch Suspending Lure


Percy the perch is an ultimate real life swimbait with action to match. Slow retrieve will get it at depth you require. Wind quickly to pull the swimbait to depth upto six feet and trolled will achieve 9nine feet.

A fantastic catch rate that all serios pike lure fishermen should have in there takle box.