Diving Lure Crankbaits For Sale

Crankbaits for pike come in three different densities. Either a floating, suspending or sinking model. Floating crankbaits will float on the surface and when you begin to retrieve the lure it will dive down into under water vegetation! With no more motion of your arm, this is an ideal solution if there are snags underwater that would halt other types of lures from moving further out past these areas where they might be lurking with their mouths agape waiting to capture any unsuspecting bait fish by surprise “snap!”

Crankbaits are the perfect lure for beginners

Crankbaits are one of the easiest lures to fish with, making them ideal for beginners. Imagine reeling in a long line through water and then letting it go above you- that’s how easy it is! The speed of your reel pulls up on the lure so even when you’re not moving forward, the crankbait can be diving down into those waters where pike lurk below waiting just for this moment. Slow speeds make it rise again as if looking around eagerly until its found what he wants: his next meal!