Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofiliament Fishing Line For Sale

Monofilament fishing line is a modern spinning skill. The sturdy material and thin diameter is great for producing crazy high-speed retrieves, which are particularly useful when targeting trout in low water conditions or pike and perch under overhangs and ledges. great choice for beginners as knots are tied simply in mono lines and easy to lock knots tight toprevent slipping. Tackle your local waters with these strong lines from leading manufacturers!

Monofiliament the Knot Friendly Fishing Line

Monofiliament line is well know for the ability to tie knots that hold firmly without slipping or untying themselves when in use. This benefit is perfect for anglers who have not got the knowledge of tying a multitude of various knots that hold tight like in braided fishing lines. Downsides to mono line is it sinks , so using mono for surface lure fishing is not recommended.  Jerkbaits do not work correctly using mono because of the stretch in this nylon fishing line. When the “jerking of the rod tip is necessary to bring the jerkbait to life is absorbed by the give in mono and ends into a lifeless jerkbait. Alway remember to attach a wire trace to the end of mono to prevent toothy predatory fish from biting through the line.

Knot to use: Blood knot, Double blood knot, Figure of eight knot, Loop knot and for joining line together the Double Uni Knot. These are some of the reliable knots you will need to tie using mono fishing line.