Creature Lures

Creature Lure for Pike

Creature lures for pike! yes pike are fond of other waterside animals other than just fish as part of their diet. Frogs, baby ducks and rats are all seen as a meal to a hunting pike. Lures have been create to mimic these visits to the water in a very enticing fashion. Artificial frog lures look and perform like the real thing and catch a lot of pike in slow moving rivers, lakes and ponds especially by lilly pads. Soft plastic and hard plastic rat lures are equally impressive and a big favourite with inner city canal anglers were rats  are in abundance. Baby duck lures are a big favourite in a pikes diet and the real life duck lures catch more than there fair share of oike.

Arificial Creature Bait Surface Lures

Arificial Creature Bait Surface Lures are soft and hard baits that are used for fishing. Soft plastic and hard plastic rat lures are the same effective, with one being their own type of surface lure. Baby duck lures are big favorites in a pike’s diet – they’re also considered one of the most difficult types to find! These real life ducks imitate creatures that actually live in the water!

You may have to go a little beyond the pond for your next fishing trip. Your best bet is armed with Arificial Creature Bait Surface Lures, which feature frog lure designs and textures that look authentic! They are perfect for tossing on top of weed beds or other cover where birds perch-but you might want to grab an insect repellent before setting out on a new path across country.