Lure Fishing Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle for Spinning for Toothy Predatory Fish

Terminal tackle essential for lure fishing for predatory fish, including jigheads, predator hooks, ready made wire traces, soft plastic lure screws, barel swivels and snaps plus ready to go stinger rigs for artificial shads. These items of terminal tackle can be easuly overlooked, so make sure your tackle box is complete to go out spinning for pike and predatory fish.

Predatory Fish Hooks

Lure fishing hooks are an important part of any angler’s arsenal. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your personal fishing style or lure needs. Whether you fish freshwater or saltwater, we have a hook for you! If you want a versatile tool that will keep your bait in the strike zone longer, our weedguarded trebles will do that. For pike, perch and zander enthusiasts, we offer 60 degree fluke hooks and weighted wide gape single hooks designed to get deeper to reachpike or zander are holding up. . The products are manufactured by professionals with years of experience fishing themselves who understand what it takes to catch the big one every time. Hooks aren’t just made out of metal wire—they tell a story about how serious you are about being successful

Jigheads for Soft Plastic Lures

The right jighead can make all the difference in a day on the water. With fish like perch, pike and zander waiting beneath, up to 18 inches of your line should be covered with a swaying or wobbling metal lure mimicking what they would eat for breakfast. Built from lead-free bullet weights ensuring accurate measurement every time you tie onto them and made of sturdy steel wire hooks it’s no wonder jigheads are your secret weapon.

Stinger Rigs For PSoft Plastic Shads

The Stinger Rig For Soft Plastic Lures is the perfect way to catch big fish. Designed for shy biters, these rigs are perfect for fishing Zander, pike and other species that don’t like to be hooked in the mouth. The stinger hook on top of the body is further back than a jighead, making it snag-proof. Trolling deep water with these items can be easy if you use a rod hold on your rod holder or find an area where trolling is allowed.

Pin Lock Lure Screws

If you’re looking for a new way to catch fish, this is it. Soft bait lure screws are perfect for rigging your shad with a stinger trace and soft plastic lures. They come in several options including screw fix jig sinkers with round lead heads and packs of 100 pin springs for simple mounting of soft plastics to fish for pike and predatory fish.

Pin Lock Lure Screws are the best way to keep your lures in place on the line. The screw pin is attached with a split ring that holds the lure pin spring screw and stinger rig together. This wire trace at the end of your mainline has a quick link or snap swivel connected to the split ring holding everything together. If you don’t have any Split Ring Pliers lying around, use an Offset Curved Tweezers or other similar tool for removing hooks if you happen to be fishing without clips.

Quick Links Swivels and Clips

Strong materials combined with durability, these swivels will make sure you don’t mess up your favorite fishing lures. Not only do they work great as a product to hook on the lure, but they are also reusable and can be easily swapped out to change what is being used for bait with no tangles or complications.

Our Quick Links are made of the durable yet stretchy material. These are easy to attach and remove thanks to the swivel clip, while a strong spring holds them securely in place when retrieving your favorite lure from deep water. The quick links can be cut or shortened easily using wire snips, all-purpose pliers.

Wire Leaders Anti Bite

Wire leaders are used for lure fishing to prevent predatory fish (such as pike) with sharp teeth severing through the fishing line. The best wire leaders provide superior strength and durability while still allowing your bait or lures, such as a barel swivel on one end and a snap clip on the other end, attached easily without snapping under pressure from predators like zander. Wire Leaders come in lengths of 6″ all the way up 35″. Breaking strains range between 20lb to 60lbs so they can be matched appropriately depending upon what you want out of it: if you’re looking for some light trolling fun then consider breaking strain somewhere close to 40 pounds; but if serious game is desired choose closer towards 80 lbs.