Trigger Lure Rods

Trigger Lure Rods for Pike and Predatory Fish

Every angler knows that when you’re going for tough game, you need baitcasting rods. Trigger Lure Rods are the best baitcasting rods to buy! Few other tackle enthusiasts will be able to detect those fiercest strikes in time without using our Extra fast blanks—that is, until they’ve had a taste of their own medicine. Legendary features like braided line make casting even easier and more fun too. See this awesome selection below.

Trigger grip rods for lure fishing

Trigger grip rods have been used in lure fishing for a long time now to make it easier on the fisher by allowing them to tighten and loosen their fingers around the rod.

The right grip rod can make the difference between a mediocre and an extraordinary fishing experience.

A fish has no idea if your lure is expensive or cheap, so you may as well give it the best chance of success by using quality equipment like trigger grip rods when lure bait fishing.