Spinning Rods

Spinning Rods for Pike and Predatory Fish

A spinning rod is a versatile fishing tool. It has many different uses, from light spinning with small crankbaits to heavy spinning rods for large swimbaits for big pike. The best from the Westin fishing tackle company incorporates fast action styles and superb performance casting spinners and lures . With so many varieties available, there is still one perfect for you out there that will suit whatever kind of fish you’re after – providing you choose wisely!

Pike Spinning Rods

At 7-9ft, the Pike spinning rod is perfect for targeting pike in England’s freshwater lakes and rivers. The length of the rods isn’t without reason: these 20lb+ fish will often make a mighty lunges just as they seem beaten. Pike often jump viciosly shaking there head to through the lure. We offer different casting weights between 60-120g which should be appropriate for most river fishing situations but, heavy enough not to get the fish under control.