Soft Bait Lure Screws and Accessories

Soft bait Lure Screws for Sale

If you’re looking for a new way to catch fish, this is it. Soft bait lure screws are perfect for rigging your shad with a stinger trace and soft plastic lures. They come in several options including screw fix jig sinkers with round lead heads and packs of 100 pin springs for simple mounting of soft plastics to fish for pike and predatory fish.

These are the best fishing tools on the market today! You’ll never have to worry about losing your hard-earned catch again because these will hold onto them tight no matter what happens. And don’t forget that they come in different sizes so there’s one that fits any type of fishing situation you might find yourself in!

Fishing Lure Screw Pins

Fiishing Lure Screw Pins are a great way to keep your lures in place on the line. The screw pin is attached with a split ring that holds the lure pin spring screw and the stinger rig together. This wire trace at the end of your mainline has a quick link or snap swivel connected to the split ring holding everything together. A pair of split ring pliers will make this task much easier.

With these pins, you can be sure that your lures stay put while you’re fishing! They come in different sizes so there’s one for every type of baitfish out there. And they’re easy to use – just attach them with some pliers and get ready for an awesome day on the water!