Jigging Rods

Jigging Rods for sale

Jigging Rods are best used for a finesse approach to presenting small soft plastic lures. A rod that is light enough to cast effortlessly coupled with 8-15lb braided line can be worked slowly, giving the lure just the right amount of “twitch” as it falls towards its target. Check out this selection of jigging rods and find one perfect for you today!

Jigging Rods for sensitivity

Jigging rods are created for perch, pike and zander using small lures. These short soft specialist lure rods come in many different lengths and casting weights to suit any occasion.

Your best choice is a jigging rod around six-to eight foot in length that suits your personal preference of lure weight as well as what kind of fish (or game) you will be targeting. This all-around choice for any fishing trip with soft plastics has some features that make it highly adaptable.

You need not choose between cast distance or sensitivity when choosing a jigging rod, even if you are bait cast equipped; our sensitive fiberglass blanks have been built so the angler can feel each strike.