Wire Traces for Lure Fishing

Wire Trace Leaders for Sale

Stop toothy pike from biting through the mainline with this Wire Leader Rig that functions essentially as a wire leader for fishing. Made of an anti-biting polymer, it is high strength and essential for use when lure fishing for these freshwater predators. The Wire Trace Anti-Bite Fishing Wire Leader comes equipped with swivels and snaps so you can easily attach your lure to a fresh piece of line without relying on knots like old school fishing rigs – making it easier than ever before to set up!

If you are fishing for pike, wire traces are essential.

Wire traces provide a way to attach lures and baitfish to your line so that they can be more easily swallowed by the fish. They come in different lengths depending on what type of lure or baitfish you’re using. For smaller lures, use longer wire traces; when trolling with large lures, shorter wire traces will do the trick.

When it comes to catching pike, don’t forget about these important pieces of equipment! You’ll need them if you want any chance at success!
-Wire Traces -Longer Wire Traces (for small baits) -Shorter Wire Traces (for large baits)