Telescopic Lure Rods

Telesopic lure fishing rods

The lure fishing rod telescopic rods are the new best thing! Their performance is unmatched, they’re much more affordable than traditional rods and we have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Lure fishing rod telescopic rods with our proven quality make it easy for you to enjoy all that fishing has to offer.

Are Telescopic Spinning Rods Any good?

This new take on fishing rods from the experts at Fishing Tackle Corp. is an affordable way to get some of the advantages that high-end fishing rods offer. However, these telescopic lure fishing rods aren’t just a breeze to use – they also boast excellent performance across many areas and a reasonable price point.
The rod’s construction is lightweight but durable, making them good for beginners or professionals alike. Telescopic Rods are made in both 6′ 6″ to 10! sizes with either medium or heavy action tubing to accommodate your needs no matter how you fish! While they’re not exactly cheap, there’s few better value for the money.