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Lures for Pike, Perch and Zander

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Fish for pike? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Pike lures range from crankbaits, swimbaits, jerkbaits and more. The list of options goes on-and-on with plenty of styles: topwater lures like buzz baits or poppers; spoons and spinners designed just for catching these predatory fish in any situation–even giant trolling lures if you’re fishing a large body of water (like Lochs or Glacia lakes)!

Pike fishing with lures

Man, I love Pike fishing. There’s nothing better than sitting on the banks of a lake with your rod in hand and waiting for that moment when you set out to cast all those Pikes are trying to catch!
Fishing is always fun but catching one of these suckers makes it even more exciting. You can’t wait until they’re finally hooked because if there anything as cool as reeling them into shore then it has got be this game we call pike fishing right here

Pike Crankbaits

Pike crankbaits are the perfect way to lure fish when you’re in a hurry. These high-performance lures have been around for years and they come with hyper realistic aesthetics that make them one of the most popular forms of bait on the market! Brands include Savage Gear, Westin, Daiwa and Abu Garcia which means there’s something for everyone whether your fishing style is short or long distance casting.

Pike trolling lures

Pike trolling lures are very large and intended to be pulled behind a boat. This is an excellent method in Lochs, as well as on expansion of glaciers lakes – they’re too heavy for you cast with rods. Super-sized soft plastic swim baits by Savage Gear make the perfect choice!

Best swimbaits for pike

The best pike swimbaits are all about the swimming action that resembles a real fish. What type of actions do you want your bait to imitate? Hybrid soft/hard baits work well and can be fished like an injured fish, while hard plastic multi jointed swimbaits allow for quick jerking motions mimicking nervous baitfish movements!

Mepps spinners for pike

With mepps spinners for pike, you never know what will happen next! This spinning metal blade flashes and creates an enticing vibration through the water that predatory fish will investigate.

Frog lures for pike

Frogs are the best bait for catching many fish, especially pike and bass. That’s why companies including Savage Gear, Spro, Storm and Berkley have used 3D scanning to create a realistic frog that makes popping sounds when it’s pulled through water or moved in different ways. And they’re not stopping there! They’ve also created all sorts of color combinations so you can find one perfect for your fishing style!

River pike lures

River pike lures like floating diving crankbaits to avoid snaggy areas underwater. Blade baits work well in mid water range and floating lures like poppers or frog lures to work over weedy areas for pike. Shallow diving cranks are excellent close to wiers in rich oxygenated waters.

Spinnerbaits for pike

There are many different types of fishing lures that will catch a variety of fish. Blade baits, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits have been known to be very successful for catching pike, perch or zander depending on the fisherman’s preference. I recommend blade bait as it not only catches more than one type of fish but also is at its best in rivers because they make great reactions with the water! You’ll find all sorts including colors and actions like pulsing and escaping-so take your time choosing what works best for you!

Soft plastic shads for pike

Soft plastic shads are the best way to catch that elusive pike lurking at the bottom of a cold lake. Plastic has come along in leaps and bounds as fishing gear, with new materials being used every year and advanced manufacturing techniques now making it possible for soft plastics to be more lifelike than ever before! Smaller ones like Perch look almost real enough too eat them but they’re made from durable polymers which make them perfect bait for Pike – those big mean water-based predators you see on TV sometimes hunting down other smaller sea creatures! But because these types of lures only work when sinking slowly through the depths (which can take some time) using something called upriggers will allow your lure sink quicker without casting out over long distances.

Artificial Creature Lures

Arificial Creature Bait Surface Lures are soft and hard baits that are used for fishing. Soft plastic and hard plastic rat lures are the same effective, with one being their own type of surface lure. Baby duck lures are big favorites in a pike’s diet – they’re also considered one of the most difficult types to find! These real life ducks imitate creatures that actually live in the water!

Luckily, your intense efforts on the water can be rewarded with a rat lure! Just like we offer up quality lures to tempt and hungry pike, The soft bait is a breeze for baby duck finicky eaters and hard baits are equally as popular amongst “common” feast prowlers such as pike.