Pike Spoons

Spoon lures for pike and predatory fish

A quality casting a ptke spoon is both versatile and hard to beat especially when it comes to catching big game species like musky, pike and lake trout. See how the flashing metal gets their attention? Whether they’re amazingly light at 1/36 ounce or nearly 3 ounces in weight these lures will definitely have predatory fish coming up to take a glance

Classic Spoon Lures

Varies in size and weight, this style of spoon has been popular for over a hundred years. These timeless classics are defining items of freshwater fishing angling culture that is coveted from Canada’s Arctic Circle all the way to its southern Pacific coastlines. The casted metal body gives them unique back-and-forth movement as they run underwater – see what you’re after with pinpoint accuracy!

Additional information: Each comes with two replacement spoons or one for sportfish and one for predatory fish!