Rear Drag Reels

Rear Drag Spinning Reels

Tackle the beast at your own risk with our Rear Drag Spinning Reels. Ranging in breaking strain response from 4 – 12 lbs, we have a reel for every fisherman’s strength or preference. For those who want to get into a battle more than just noodling, try out one of our top-selling products!

What is a rear drag spinning reel?

We have made many improvements to the new rear drag spinning reel design. Just push and you’re scrolling through lures! You can also split up your spools in half to make it easier for packing up. Unlike front drag reels, rear drag reels have an adjustable line tension dial that allows you to tighten up tension or loosen in mid fish with a large fish. If you hook a large pike, it is useful to loosen slightly as the fish goes on surging runs, as the fish tiers the tension can be tightened to pull the fish towards the landing net.

How do you know what size reel to buy?

A good rule of thumb for choosing the correct rear is to check the line capacity of the reel . Look for diameter to yards or meters on the side of the spool or in the description if viewing online.. Diameter give you the freedom to select monofiliment line or braided line to load on your reel.

Smaller predators like perch, trout and zander a capacity of 125 yards is suffice. Larger predators like pike and salmon i personally like 200 yards available on my reel. Line strengths can vary on the weight of the species you intend to catch at there above average size. Example: pike reach 40lb + but mono to 15lb is fine, braided line are thinner and stronger so take advantage by using 45lb + breaking strain, this will even cast a lot further than 15lb mono.