Jerkbait fishing lures

When you’re fishing for pike and everything else is failing, it’s time to use the jerkbaits! This lure will get them biting. Jerkbaits ofter work well for catching large pike when all other lures fail on Lochs, lakes or reservoirs throughout the UK.

How to use a Jerkbait lure for predatory fish

What makes jerkbaits so popular? Anglers love them for their high level of control. The method of using a jerkbair starts with a stiff short rod, “jerk bait Rod”, and reel loaded with no stretch braided line. This otherwise lifeless device is then used to mimic the struggle from live fish by jerking it violently up-and down in rapid succession.

What is it that makes jerkbaits so popular? The answer to this question should be easy: the high level of control anglers can take over their movement, causing them to act like struggling live fish. Method of using a jerkbair for pike and other large predatory fish starts with a stiff short rod “jerkbait Rod” and a reel loaded with no stretch braided line. Otherwise lifeless jerkbait is brought back in an unnatural way by giving slack or abruptly jerking off tension on the fishing wire which causes splashing noise from its tail section as it’s being pulled towards shoreline rocks
A set-up would look something like 40 lb test braid at about 6-7 ft long tied directly onto your wire trace before attaching the lure.