Pre Rigged lures

Pike and Predator Realistic pre rigged Lures

The pre-rigged lures are designed to create a three dimensional paddle tail that thumps and kicks even at slow speeds. The fins also help manage the subtle rolling action of the body, ensuring your hook stays in an optimal position for catching fish like bass or perch. These types of baits can be used across many freshwater fishing scenarios such as muskie, pike, zander and more!

Pre rigged soft plastic baitfish

Pre rigged Soft plastic baitfish come in numerous sizes and colors to mimic forage fish. Determine what size of the immense variety you want, or make your own profile with a simple molding kit that is easy to find online. Usually smaller ones are better because they can be cast further distances without being detected by predators.
Easy-to-use natural color profiles such as white, silver/gray, chartreuse green – yellow work best if water conditions change often like those found close to shoreline structure where strong winds whip up visibility but keep prey near it’s hiding place.