Jerkbait Rods

Jerkbait Lure Rods for Pike

jerkbait lure fishing rods are specially designed to bring lipless jerkbait lures to life. These short stiff rods with the use of braided line gives a dirct conection from rod tip to lure with no stretch delay caused by monofilament line and a standard spinning rod. With simple jerks of the rod tip causes the jerkbait to glide side to side in the water. See these super jerkbaits that are available to buy.

Lure fishing with a jerkbait rod

The article below is going to teach you about fishing with a jerkbait rod. Maybe you’ve never heard of this type of fishing, or maybe it’s just too difficult for you to wrap your head around the idea. The thing is, there are so many different types of rods and reels that each have their own specific use. Jerkbait rods are designed for one very specific purpose, and that’s catching bass on jerks and twitches!
A jerkbait rod has a stiff backbone, less line guides. It really doesn’t matter what kind of lure you’re using when casting because the jerkbait rod will do all the work for you