Travel Rods

Travel Spinning Rods

Selection of travel spinning rods that can be used for pike, perch, trout and salmon. Every fisherman knows the feeling when driving over a bridge or along side a beautiful fishing place and you think,if only i had my rod with me! well here is a solution.

Have you ever felt like your fishing skills are not quite up to par? Well, we have a solution for that! Multi section spinning rods For the roaming angler a quality travel spinning rod is essential. Find out more about our range of travel fishing rods today!.

Travel Spin Rods for predatory fish

Travel spin rods come in different lengths and may have up to 6 sections to pack away in small and compact fashion. Select the lighter casting weights for targeting perch, zander and trout with lenght from 6ft. Choose a stronger travel rod that can cast weights from 50g and has a length of at least 8ft for pike and salmon that can cope with powerful fish.