Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits

The perfect bait for catching a variety of fish? Blade baits, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits have been known to be very successful. If you prefer blades like me then I recommend them because they can catch more than one type of fish but also are at their best in rivers! You’ll make great reactions with the water if that’s your preference.

Buzzbaits for Subsurface Pike

You think catching fish is easy? Nope. But I bet you can’t catch a pike, zander, or perch with just any old type of bait! You need to be more specific and use the right lure for the situation in order to reel them in – like blade baits (for rivers) that also work best when fishing for pike; buzzbaits which are great at luring in shallow water and over the top of weed beds for species such as pike or perch; spinnerbait’s tiny metal ball spins around on its wire while suspended by one hook making it perfect for big-fish situations including catfishing. So make sure your next outing includes all 3 types of lures so there’s no excuse not to put a decent fish on the bank.