Lure Rods

Lure Rods for catching pike and predatory fish

Lure rods for sale that cover all methods of freshwater lure fishing in the UK. Spinning, Jerkbait, baitcasting, jigging and trigger handle rods designed to cope with large fish like pike and zander. All rods come in different lenghts and casting weight to match perfectly to the lyres to be employed. Check the guide on how to choose a lure rod to get what you need.

Baitcasting Rods

A baitcasting fishing rod offers a more solid casting experience and allows the fisherman to cover larger distances. The increased distance enables a fisherman to cast his/her lure in front of the potential fish, rather than wasting time by casting behind them. This type of rod is also made with performance data on mind–the light materials translate into instant use out in nature for anyone who’s not familiar at all with fishing and don’t want delays while they learn how to use it. It’ll allow you to have success right away, whether or not you know what you’re doing!

Jerkbait Rods

Jerkbait rods for pike require a very specific technique that is fun and rewarding to fish with. A jerking motion allows the lure to glide and dart in order to imitate injured baitfish, and many fisherman have had success using these products when targeting big pike. These rods come at a reasonable price, are made sturdy enough for bigger fish, and are easy to store since they not much lnger than six ft inlenght and come in two sections.

Jigging Rods

To be successful with fishing, you need the right gear for the fish. Be that smaller fish in shallow water or bigger fish on a boat. So if you spend time targeting perch near weed beds with small lures, go for shorter jigging  rods around 6ft-8ft long and preferably fixed spool as it makes casting easier and more accurate. If your targets include pike or zander of close to two meters in length on the other hand, get a rod between 8ft-9 ft long, which will give you better leverage when fighting such big species but is still manageable up to about 25lb braided line test.

It’s all about getting started right!

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods for pike” is an article that hooks anglers out there. If you are looking for a great deal and have no time to be disappointed, give this article your attention. Perfect for all your fishing needs, the “spinning rods for pike” selection can’t go wrong. It’s available in numerous lengths, perfect if you have any size of fish on mind-chances are it’ll be sold here! Whether its deep-water bass or small panfish we got what you need; cast away worry as this is prime quality baitcasting equipment at an awesome price tag!

Trigger Lure Rods

Any angler knows that when you’re going for tough game, you need baitcasting rods. Trigger Lure Rods are the best baitcasting rods you can buy! Few other tackle enthusiasts will be able to detect those fiercest strikes in time without using our Extra fast blanks—that is, until they’ve had a taste of their own medicine. Legendary features like braided line makes casting even easier and more fun too.

Travel Lure Rods

Ease of transport alongside enduring high standards of quality make travel lure rods like Savage Gear and WMF a popular choice for modern day anglers. Big brands produce fantastic travel rod options, such as the Savage Gear MMP2 Series 5mm Travel Rod which offers bassists a chance to fish with lighter tackle that is more convenient to use. The Telescopic Travel Lure Rod from Daiwa also offer top notch quality at an affordable price.