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Spinning reels in baitcaster, fixed spool and rear drag models that are perfect for all aspects of freshwater lure fishing. Big brands like Abu Garcia, Shimano and Daiwa provide superb quality you would expect. Highly popular cheaper spinning reels that do not compromise performance.

Baitcaster Reels for Baitcasting, Jerkbait and Trigger Grip Rods

A baitcasting reel is a type of spinning reel that relies on a mechanical or electromagnetic brake for the line, rather than braided fishing line to regulate its speed. With an outgoing arm with two wire loops called “the spool” near one end and connecting to the other (known as the arbor), it can be used in light casting applications, such as trolling. The baitcaster function provides more control over lure/bait placement and distance from cover while allowing maximum casting distance when desired. A jig-style presentation requires less energy to perform compared to common umbrella-style presentations, which require more winding per foot of cast distance travelled.

Fixed Spool Reels Ideal for Spinning and Jigging Rods

These fixed spool spinning reels are made with a vertical gear system for easy casting and winding. The knobs on the front of the reel make it easy to change your drag setting while you fish, letting you perfectly balance your line’s tension. These reels have been designed specifically for freshwater fishing, making them an exceptional value choice for novice fishers.

Rear Drag Reels Alternative to control tension at the back.

Heavy duty rear drag spinning reels come with heavy duty features. You can practically feel the weight of these in your hands as you prepare for a fight with one of the many nasty and often-evasive fish species out there. Our heavy-duty line capacities may not seem like anything to boast about, but when you’re fighting a big fish, we think it’ll be something worth bragging about!

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