Best Soft Plastic Lures for Pike Fishing

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Best Soft Plastic Lures for Pike

Soft plastic lures for pike is fast becoming the favoured choice to target these supreme freshwater predators.

Made of an incredible flexible and durable soft plastic that moves, looks and feels like a real bait fish. With these astounding qualities it hard not to see why pike love them.

Soft plastic shads come in many different sizes and colour patterns to edge your bet of a hook up throughout the changing seasons.

 Soft Plastic Lures for Pike

LSoft plastic lures are one of the best baits around today. made from a strong stretchy soft plastic that moves realistically through the water imitating prey almost perfectly.

Soft plastic lures have three forms of swimming action by the shape of the tail end.

Paddle Tail Soft Shads

The most common is the very productive paddle tail. The paddle tail soft lures. Shaped body tapers slimly down to where the tail fin is situated, and rather than a natural tail fin a oblong soft plastic vein is attached. This vein when the lure ir retrieved starts to pulsate rapidly as if the lure is actually swimming. paddle tail soft baits are deadly for all predatory fish and any serious lure angler should own a selection, period!

Curly Tails Plastic Lures 

Curly tail lures have an extended ribbon like extension instead of the actual tail. As the lure is pulled through the water it produces a subtle eel like movement that gives out good vibration in the water.

Very popular and is responsable for catching many pike.

Predators attack curly tail lures as they are dropping through the water after casting.

Curly tails can be retrieved slowly of at a medium retrieve as they all take fish on a regular basis.

Many eel imitations have a curly tail and pike love them producing natural eel movements.

Fluke split Tails

fluke split tail plastic lure are very much like a bait fish, even the tail is normal. 

Bring a split tail to life in the water the rod tip is the key.

Using small jerks upwards keeps the lure high in the water with pauses in between to allow the lure to sink.

Side to side jerks of the rod with pauses in between moves the bait in a zig zag fashion sinking and rising n the water.

Thes lures are excellent in shallow water or fishing close to the surface were the bait fish are active.

Predominantly used weed less style working them over weed beds.

Excellent for active pike and zander but perch also find them irresistible.

 Who makes the best soft plastic lures For Pike

The best soft plastic lures for pike are produced by the big predator fishing tackle giants. Companies such as Westin, Savage Gear, Abu Garcia and Spro are just a few leading contenders. 

Employing hi-tech to produce lifelike fish action and graphics that have even the most shyest of big pike into a confident strike.

  Best Big Soft Plastic Lures for Pike

Best big soft plastics for pike is a good idea to have large and smaller in the same pattern. Here is the reason why, on any given session pike are more active certain times of day than others. 

A big bait works extremely well when pike are actively hunting prey as they are hungry. It does not take too long before a pike has eaten its fill and lays up to diggest his meal.

Big baits are not effective through this period and swapping to smaller bait is key.

best way to describe this is if you have a large cooked dinner you become very full not wanting any more on your plate. But if you was offered a trifle or apple pie as desert you most probably eat a smaller amount.

Pike are very similar in this respect and changing to a smaller lure can often produce fish.

The plastic lures i have chosen that are perfect for pike and come in different sizes and colours.

Soft Plastics 4D River Roach 22 cm 125g

Big Paddle Tail Soft Plastics-Savage Gear

Awesome big soft plastic lure for pike with a paddle tail.

Using a stinger rig it makes a killer swimbait or attaching a weighted screw head can be used to jig and jerk close to the bottom for winter pike

Upgrade of the incredible 3D River Roach with scented Photo Chrome colors

4D – 3D Scanned details on combination with Photo printed colours and strike triggering scent.
DNA scent – Double Natural attraction, strike triggering scents based on natural flavors and extracts.
Loose Bodies to be mounted on a stinger rig creating a natural moving roach bait that big pike can not resist.

ShadTeez 19cm Natural Pike Plastic Lure

ShadTeez Natural Pike 7 Inch


ShadTeez Natural Pike 7 Inch

Westin knows itself with artificial baits for targeted fishing for large pikes. This 7 inch plastic lure Bigbait complements the success bait range ShadTeez with a real big pike magnet.

The most important facts about Westin ShadTeez

This rubber fish has a bait length of 19 cm and a bait weight of 56 g. This soft bait with 1.5 cm is very slim and wihth a body height of 3.9 cm relatively high or bulky.

This stature is rounded off by a paddle tail 3.6 cm x 4 cm. The rubber is soft and durable at the same time to withstand many attacks of pike

A very natural appearance with many details

The very natural head area immediately catches the eye of the angler. The fish mouth, the gill lid and the realistic 3D eye were developed very detailed in detail.

And if you let the gaze go further, the breast fin, the fine-line scaled dress and the side line complement the realistic appearance.

Always the right decor from nature to UV

Westin always has the right decoration for the different situations on the water.

There are of course decors with few contrasts, such as Headlight, Official Roach, Smelt or Stamped Roach.

In addition, there are contrasting colour variations such as Bling Perch, Crystal Perch or Natural Pike.

Finally, of course, the UV colours Crazy Firetiger, Fire Perch and Motoroil are included.

The distinctive running properties of this shad

This 7 inch ShadTeez Natural Pike soft plastic lure is perfect for fishing with the baitcaster or spinning rod.

Thanks to its outstanding running properties, it is also very suitable for towing fishing.

At low speeds it has a rolling action which makes its run very realistic.

However, if you catch this softbait a little faster, it starts to flank strongly. So escaped

The best soft plastic lures for pike are produced by the big predator fishing tackle giants. Companies such as Westin, Savage Gear, Abu Garcia and Spro are just a few leading contenders. 

Employing hi-tech to produce lifelike fish action and graphics that have even the most shyest of big pike into a confident strike.

Strike Pro Pig Shads 9 inch

Large Plastic Paddle Tails Pig Shads

Strike Pro Pig Shads

Large Plastic Paddle Tails Strike Pro Pig Shad is a soft-plastic shad inspired by the classic jerkbait.

Rig the large shads od a jig head or stinger rigs and can be worked  in a whole variety of ways.

Remember to to retrieve to fast but the occasional jerk can inspire a take.

The Pig. Pig Shads has a seductive rolling action while the head is rocking from side to side.

The tail paddles and twists in a low frequent rate. A perfect imitation of a injured baitfish that slowly trudge forward with its last strength!

9 inch Pig Shad has a unique profile that resembles a fat baitfish. It’s excellent to use with jigheads and slowly retrieve it over shallow areas. Chomp! Chomp!

Strike Pro Iris Plastic Shad 18cm

Soft Bait Pike Fishing SPRO Iris the Boss 18 cm Rudd

Spro Iris Soft Bait Rudd

The SPRO Iris The Boss Rubber Fish 18 cm is an ideal Pike bait with excellent guard power. With the development of this professional rubber fish were considered all important aspects that make a good pike bait – A very vivid action, well print, as well as the durability of the bait. The eye-catching design, it is the paddle on the tail end. Thanks to the turning the Paddels, known as the rolling action even stronger.

This SPRO Iris the boss rubber fish is an ideal Pike bait with excellent guard Kraft.
Included in the development they are all important elements that make a good bait – a vivid style, sufficient pressure and is also the service life of the bait.
Colour: Rudd

McPike 21cm Rubber Fish

 Rubber fish Pike Soft Bait 18cm ABU GARCIA Svartzonker

Svartzonker pike fishing rubber fish – McPike 18cm & 21cm

Svartzonker pike fishing rubber fish for hunting large pike. These premium large plastic soft baits with an awesome swimming action created by a paddle tail are deadly

Many passionate pike anglers have probably been waiting for this message. Here are the professional Abu Garcia Svartzonker McPike Real rubber fish.

These premium rubber fish have been designed by Svartzonker for hunting large pike.

The provocative running behaviour and the extremely natural design convince all over the line. The Abu Garcia Svartzonker McPike Real Series is ideal for throwing and towing.

Westin ShadTeez Paddle Tail Lure 27cm 117g

Westin ShadTeez Paddle Tail Lure 27cm 117g

Westin ShadTeez Paddle Tail Lure 27cm 117g-Siamped Roach

Westin’s shad teez paddle tail lure 27cm made with soft plastic is the perfect bait to target large pike. Fantastic real life action imitating baitfish that pike will attack aggressively.

This stunning big fellow puts other shads in its shadow.

So perfectly detailed in every way, ShadTeez even has a double layer of clear coating to give a realistic “fish-slime” look!

The deep body, slender wrist and wide tail create a rolling, belly-flashing swimming action that leaves big predators spellbound.

Shallow-rigged and bumbled slowly past brackish reed beds, or deep-rigged it’s imitating a mildly wounded panicking fish, you’ll find your personal best attached to your line in no time at all!

How To Rig A Soft Plastic Lure For Pike

Rigging soft plastic lures for pike is quite easy. There are some accessories you will need to purchase to cover the different depths you need to fish.

Smaller soft plastic lures can just be mounted on to a weighted jig head, but larger lures will require a weighted screw head coupled with a double stinger rig or single.

To fish your large soft plastic lures for pike in shallow water can be attached just by using plastic lure screws and a stinger.