7 inch ShadTeez Crystal Perch

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7 inch ShadTeez Crystal Perch

Westin ShadTeez 19cm (1 piece) – Buy Westin products at low prices: Westin 7 inch ShadTeez crstal perch 19cm (1 piece) & other rubber fish ✓ Top prices ✓ Telephone advice ➤ Learn more..!


7 inch ShadTeez Crystal Perch Westin ShadTeez 19 cm Decorative Crystal Perch

7 inch ShadTeez Crystal Perch

Westin knows itself with artificial baits for targeted fishing for large pikes. This Bigbait complements the success bait range ShadTeez with a real big pike magnet.

The most important facts about Westin 7 inch ShadTeez Crystal Perch

This rubber fish has a bait length of 19 cm and a bait weight of 56 g. This soft bait with 1.5 cm is very slim and with a body height of 3.9 cm relatively high or bulky.

This stature is rounded off by a paddle tail 3.6 cm x 4 cm. The rubber is soft and durable at the same time to withstand many attacks of pike

A very natural appearance with many details

The very natural head area immediately catches the eye of the angler. The fish mouth, the gill lid and the realistic 3D eye were developed very detailed in detail.

And if you let the gaze go further, the breast fin, the fine-line scaled dress and the side line complement the realistic appearance.

Always the right decor from nature to UV

Westin always has the right decoration for the different situations on the water. There are of course decors with few contrasts, such as Headlight.

Official Roach, Smelt or Stamped Roach. In addition, there are contrasting colour variations such as Bling Perch, Crystal Perch or Natural Pike.

Finally, of course, the UV colours Crazy Firetiger, Fire Perch and Motoroil are included.

The distinctive running properties of this shad

This shad is perfect for fishing with the baitcaster or spinning rod. Thanks to its outstanding running properties, it is also very suitable for towing fishing.

At low speeds it has a rolling action which makes its run very realistic. However, if you catch this softbait a little faster, it starts to flank strongly. So escaped


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