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Plastic Paddle Tails Strike Pro Pig Shads 9 inch 90g

Pike just can not resist a big suft lure like the pig shad just oozes eat me with its provocative side to side rolling action of an injured fish.


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Large Plastic Paddle Tails Strike Pro Pig Shads 9 inch 90g

Large Plastic Paddle Tails Strike Pro Pig Shad is a soft-plastic shad inspired by the classic jerkbait.

Rig the large shads od a jig head or stinger rigs and can be worked  in a whole variety of ways.

Remember to to retrieve to fast but the occasional jerk can inspire a take.

The Pig. Pig Shads has a seductive rolling action while the head is rocking from side to side.

The tail paddles and twists in a low frequent rate. A perfect imitation of a injured baitfish that slowly trudge forward with its last strength!

9 inch Pig Shad has a unique profile that resembles a fat baitfish. It’s excellent to use with jigheads and slowly retrieve it over shallow areas. Chomp! Chomp!



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