How to Spool a Spinning Reel with Braid or Mono

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How to spool a spinning reel fixed spool and baitcaster

Every angler knows that fishing is not just about catching fish.

No, it is a whole process that can take hours or even days if you want it to. From sourcing the right kit, to prepping it all, getting to your location and setting up stall and then patiently waiting for the prey, there are many different elements to a happy and successful fishing trip. And for enthusiasts, every part of it can be fun in its own way.

Until you have issues with your reel and line getting tangled and then disaster ensues of course. Braided fishing line (such as the Berkeley Whiplash 8 range) has a whole range of benefits over monofilament for anglers who use spinning reels and artificial lures.

These include:

  1. No stretch in the line to allow for better sensitivity of bite detection and hook sets
  2. No line memory so it will not coil up like monofilament
  3. A thinner diameter to allow for longer casts
  4. Lasts on a reel longer than monofilament
  5. Stronger breaking strength

So we’re going to look at spooling a reel with braided line in more detail to help you overcome such issues to make the fishing process even more enjoyable.

How to spool a reel without line twist  

Firstly, what actually is line twist? Simply put, it is when the line coming off the reel coils round itself and gets tangled. It can easily make the line wrap itself around the tip of the rod or can fly off the spool and catch on parts of the rod. For obvious reasons, this can stop your angling dead in its tracks and destroy your hobby in an instant.

But what causes it? It only happens on fixed spool reels and happens because as the line comes towards the reel, it has to twist in order to wrap onto the spool – every turn of it creates a twist so when the reel is loaded fully, it will have literally thousands of twists which then results in tangling.

If you use a clutch, then it can become even worse so maybe consider using back wind in order to limit the use of the clutch and reduce twisting.

So as you have seen, if you’re using a fixed spool reel, it is quite easy to get twists in your line so you need to be careful in order to avoid it.

Each line is different too which means that some techniques will work on some lines but not on others – just to make your life that bit harder!

One suggestion is to thread the line through the butt guide of the rod and then tie or tape it onto the spool. This depends on the size of the knot as a bulky one might mean the turns are misaligned. If you then submerge the spool in some hot water, it will soften the line and remove the oily coating that is added to keep it buoyant.

But the most important thing is to ensure you load your line properly onto your fixed spool reel – careful mounting of it will make all the difference.

How to spool braided line onto a conventional reel

Start off with some tape – electrical tape will work well – this prevents slippage of the braid. If the braid slips, the drag will not work properly as the line will just spin on the spool.

Place the tape over the braid and turn the crank one and a half times to tighten it down and this should secure it properly to prevent slippage.

If possible, use a machine to coil the line onto the reel as this will ensure it goes on as smoothly and as tightly as possible.

What is braid backing on a spinning reel?

You could also opt to do braid backing on your reel. This is when monofilament line is used at the start of the reel before filling the spool with braided line.

Braided line can be thinner in diameter so can result in too much line being on the spool; starting with monofilament will prevent this from happening. It can help get a solid connection between the spool and the braid and is also useful when the spool is larger – mono is cheaper than braid.  

How to spool braided line onto a baitcaster reel

If you’re using a baitcaster reel, you will need:

  • Your baitcasting reel
  • Mono line
  • Braided line
  • Scissors

Spool about 10-15 layers of mono line onto your reel then tie your braided line onto the mono using a tight and very neat knot of your choosing. You will then need to start winding your braid on to your spool and fill it as much as you need. You could also use the tape method for a baitcaster to prevent slipping. 

How to avoid a braided slipping on a spinning reel

With mono backing, or the use of tape and a tight spool, slippage should be minimal. If you are still struggling, wind it all out and check your fixing at the base and if all else fails, a tackle shop might seem the only option but using the right reel can help a lot.

You can also use something like a Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine Spinning Reel Spool Spooling Station System.

This will enable you to spool your reel effectively by yourself and limit slippage thanks to the following benefits:

  • Composition – they are made of composite fibre which is light weight making it highly portable (take wherever you are fishing – canals, lakes, on boats etc) but it compromises nothing on durability. It is also very easy to install so you can spool a line by yourself
  • Two ways to spool – you can spool your line in one of two ways with a reel such as this. Using the sucker attached to a smooth surface such as tiles or glass, you can wind it tightly. Alternatively, you can assemble using the rod clip to directly spool the reel onto your rod, which means you spend less time in the winding action
  • It works with large and smaller spools – the maximum width can be up to 140mm (or 5.5 inches). It also has a clamping range of 0 to 5.7 inches of 145mm and is adaptable to a spinning reel, baitcaster reel and round trolling ones too, just read the instructions for more guidance
  • Works with both thin and thick rods – the line spooler clamp can hold a rod blank measuring between 0.2 and 1.1 inches in diameter. If your fishing rod blank is between 0.2 and 0.6 inches in diameter (5 to 15mm), it is advisable to use the convex surface of the locking lever. However, if your rod blank is between 0.6 and 1.1. inches in diameter (15 to 28mm), use the concave surface of the locking lever

A line winder of this type will enable to give a professional touch to your spool to help you avoid tangles and line slippage.

It is one of the easiest ways to spool a line by yourself.

Piscifun also have a broad range of spools to choose from which will suit your angling needs – years of experience are evident in the design of these pieces of kit.

Line Spooling Tools Top 3

Portable Fishing Line Spooler

Portable Line Spooler

Portable Fishing Line Spooler With Clamp A most have for fisherman. Multiple uses, whether you are at home, boats, truck.

Basically anywhere,you can easily take and use this fishing line winder. It is easily portable and can be mounted on anywhere that you can clamp it to.

Clamps bottom, you can get a better hold to spooler by clamping it at the edge of desk, chair and so on.

STABLE STURDY AND POWERFUL: Fishing line spooler with clamp . Not easy to loose the Portable Fishing Line Spooler, fast and easy to entangle.

Built-in anti-slip mat, the clip is more stable and not easy to loose. Suction cup its very powerful and will hold up to the stress of the line pull.

thkfish Portable Fishing Line Spooler Winder System

fishing line winder system

Fishing Reel Line Spooler System

1.Have you always been annoyed when there is nothing or no one to hold the line for you to spool up your reels? THKFISH fishing line spooler system allows you to spool them all by yourself without the need for anyone else. super helpful, quick, and easy. Now you can get it done yourself at home! Best of all, at your own time and anytime day or night, even last minute when you go fishing!

2.THKFISH Fishing Line Spooler System Is Able To Put Line On and Take Line Off Very Quickly: This Fishing Line Spooler system makes it very easy to get line on and remove old fishing line from the spool. Easy to assemble little fishing line spooler is exactly what angler needed to remove old line and replace it with new line.

3.THKFISH Fishing Line Spooler Is Easily Portable: The Fishing Reel Line Spooler met all your search parameters! Fishing line spooler is lightweight, simple, compact, portable, modular, sturdy, and fits multiple spools of line, backing, etc. This fishing line spooler was easy to use right out of the box only a few screws and nuts were needed to be assembled. fishing line spooler has an easily adjustable clamp,can be mounted on the side of your truck bed or anywhere that you can clamp it to.

4.This Fishing Line Spooler Tool Has A Standard Reel Seat: you can attach a spinning, baitcaster, or fly reel, and you don’t have to hold your reel in your hand.

THKFISH fishing Reel line spooler system has a basic “drag” adjuster that you use to make sure the line is being spooled onto your reel under tension.

5.Great Practical Multi-function Fishing Line Spooler: Excellent Fishing Reel Line Spooler system – Quick and Easy,Built great, good quality,keeps good tension on spooling line, Easy to use.

Great addition to your fishing tackle. thkfish Fishing line spooler system is great for baitcasters to get that even spread of line. Save time and trips at the store to have the store people do it.All of the parts were of high quality. The parts made of metal material that is more sturdy than plastic.

Fishing Line Loader Pescifun

fishing line loader pescifun

Fishing Reel Line Loader Piscifun

PORTABLE & DURABLE. Fishing Reel Line Loader is Made of composite fiber, lighter weight and durable. Easy to install and you can carry it to everywhere (whether you are in kayaks, boats, etc. ) to spool fishing line by yourself.

TWO WAYS TO SPOOL YOUR LINE. Assembling with the sucker, you can spool on the smooth surface, such as glass, tiled floor, ca surface etc. Assembling with the rod clip, then you can directly spool the reel on your rod to spend less time for winding action.

WORK WITH LARGE & SMALL SPOOLS. The maximum width of the spools can be up to 5.5in/140mm, the clamping range is 0-5.7in/145mm, please check out the instructions for guidance of adjustment. Adaptable to spinning reel, baitcasting reel and round trolling reel etc.

VERSATILE FOR BOTH THICK & THIN RODS. The line spooler clamp can hold the rod blank from 0.2-1.1inch in diameter. Use the CONVEX surface of locking lever if your fishing rod blank is 0.2-0.6in/5-15mm in diameter. Use the CONCAVE surface your rod blank is 0.6-1.1in/15-28mm in diameter.

EASIEST WAY TO SPOOL FISHING LINE BY YOURSELF. If you are so tired of spooling the line by hand which from experience it tangles, line slips loose, etc. Piscifun Line Winder keeps the line in the spool to your reel professionally! Note: Fishing reel and fishing line in the photo are not included in the package!

What size braided line should be used for a spinning reel?

Braided line is superior on a spinning reel when compared to monofilament line.

However, there is a draw back in the respect that a braided line is more easy to see in the water so any fish who are ‘line shy’ will steer well clear of any bait you put on offer.

For this reason, there is a good number of anglers who, when using a braided line on a spinning reel, will tie a fluorocarbon leader on before attaching their lure to stop the fish being put off.

Braid is fantastic in terms of sensitivity, strength and casting distance but a leader should be used about 90% of the time when using braided line because it is too easy to see in the water.

When it comes to size of braided line needed for use on a spinning reel, it is largely recommended that 10 to 20 lb braid is used (this would be 4 -to 6 lb diameter) but it can go as high as 30 lb.

This is because spinning reels are generally used with lighter baits and a more refined overall process. If you are looking for a much heavier reaction-strike application, a baitcaster reel would be recommended instead.

Regardless of the reel used, do not forget to tie proper knots as braided line is slippery in comparison to monofilament and fluorocarbon lines.

The different elements of your fishing kit and tackle are of crucial importance to your angling success so must all be considered. When you have chosen the rod, reel and line to use, you must then ensure you assemble everything properly as a poorly spooled reel can result in problems.

You need to consider the fixing to the reel, backing and a lead line too in order to prevent line twists, tangling, slippage and even scaring off the fish before they even hook on!post info



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