Big Pike Swimbait Magabass 9 inch Price: £30.30 (as of 09/04/2023 20:40 PST- Details)

Weight (g): 94
Pack.: per unit
Color: Ochi Ayu

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Big Pike Swimbait Magabass 9 inch

Megabass MAGSLOWL 9inch MAG SLOWL 9″ Fishing Lure Tackle for BASS PIKE ZANDER

Big pike swimbait of 9 inches in length wih a slow sinking weighted balance is designed to catch big pike and musky.

Soft plastic body has a very arrractive swimming action.

Head moving from side to side and the seductive tail wobble drive big predators into a frenzy.

The Megabass MAGSLOWL is a Big Fish  swimbait lure that was designed to kick at a crawl.

With a thinner body and tail section than the the MAGSLOWL will deliver a seductive tail-kick at the first crank of your reel, for effortlessly naturalistic action.

The  Big Pike swimbait Magslowl is ideal for clearer waters that need a more subtle presence.

Sensitive tail section responds to the slowest retrieve speeds

Features a magnet to secure the hook in ideal position from cast through retrieve.

Securing the hook along the belly minimises water resistance and visual profile, while also allowing the magnet to work as a weight balancer for smooth swimming action

The Megabass Big Pike swimbait is 9 Inches (23 cm) long and weighs 3 1/4 oz (92 g). It has a feathered #2/0 treble hook.


Megabass MAG Slowl 9″
Length 9inch
Type Slow Sinking
Weight (g): 94
Pack.: per unit
Color: Ochi Ayu
Colour code: 06
Length (cm): 22

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