Best Foldable Landing Nets for Pike Lure Fishing

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Foldable Landing Nets for Pike Lure Fishing

Taking a foldable landing net for a few hours lure fishing is just as important as the rod and lures. Why foldable? lure fishing for pike on lakes, rivers and canals it is beneficial to keep on the move trying out different spots.

For this reason a foldable landing nets make life easier being able to fold the net down for carrying, but just as quick it can reassemble ready for use in seconds.


Perfect Foldable Landing Nets for Anglers on the Move

Foldable landing nets are a necessity if you prefer pike lure fishing while on the go. The best collapsible landing net to have with you is the Pike Rubber Mesh Landing Net.

This foldable landing nets has an extra sturdy 78 cm fibreglass frame that is simple to collapse. Even better, it can quickly unfold once more so that it is ready for use in a matter of seconds.

This foldable landing net belongs in the centre of your tackle box if you’re an avid lure fisher who enjoys being on the go and exploring your local lake, river, or canal. You’ll never want to be without it thanks to its distinctive design and practicality!


For anglers who travel and prefer lightweight tackle, foldable landing nets are a necessity. When not in use, these best foldable landing nets for pike lure fishing can be safely stored away and transported by anglers. Large fish should be safely netted and released.

Additionally, pike tend to be bigger and stronger than the majority of freshwater fish, so it’s critical to use a landing net that is larger than most typical nets to minimise any damage done during a catch. To avoid the net becoming tangled with treble or barbed hooks, it is advised to use a rubberized mesh landing net. Standard mesh is excellent for bait fishing applications. You won’t regret purchasing one of these foldable landing nets! Below are our top choices:


Best Foldable Landing Nets

Westin W3 CR Landing Net - X-Large

Westin W3 CR Landing Net - X-Large

Any skilled angler looking to catch predatory fish like pike will find the Westin Foldable Landing Net to be the ideal tool. The Foldable Landing Net is remarkably lightweight and strong thanks to its double-button locking system, which also features a tangle-free, anti-hook mesh holder that can be released with just one hand. The rubberized net’s material guarantees that no hooks tangle in it, and at 70 cm in width by 85 cm in length by 80 cm in depth, it is the perfect size for catching larger fish as well. This strong Foldable Net has a touch of warmth thanks to the Westin Viking Helmet print along the bottom of its dependable EVA handle.

42 Ratings: 9.4 out of 10


Abu Garcia Spike Landing Net

Abu Garcia Spike Landing Net

Even the most seasoned angler will swoon over the Abu Garcia Spike Landing Net thanks to its retractable handle, tough rubberized mesh, and foldable design! Boat fishermen who want a high-quality net to ensure that their prized pike and zander are hooked, landed, and unhooked safely will find it to be the perfect companion. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, the Spike has all the features you require: foldable landing nets for tight spaces, a sturdy design, and of course lots of snag-free mesh to ensure that every catch is neatly released back into the water. The SPIKE provides anglers with control, comfort, and good value thanks to its light yet sturdy frame. Prepare to take advantage of convenient predator fishing.

3 Ratings: 10 out of 10


Savage Gear Pro Tele Foldable Landing Nets

savage gear pro tele foldable landing net

Experienced anglers will gain a competitive edge using this Savage Gear Fishing landing net. This model, which is lightweight and foldable, has a strong aluminium frame for stability and durability, making it ideal for long days out. The net is made of high-quality components with a mesh that is 100% nylon and coated with rubber for added strength. Who knew a fish in love were such master designers? With dimensions of 70 x 85 cm and an adjustable handle length between 125 and 288 cm, this pike rubberized mesh landing net is an unbeatable choice for your next fishing trip.

2 Ratings: 10 out of 10


Gunki Foldable Landing Net

GUNKI Fishing Landing Net

For serious anglers, the Gunki Pike Addict Foldable Landing Net is ideal. This sturdy and resilient net is portable, allowing you to take it on your fishing trips wherever you go or store it in a boat locker. It has a clever attachment system that only needs two handle turns to secure, a cosy EVA grip, a sturdy 1.2mm aluminium frame, flat-bottom, quickly-drying PVC coated mesh, and a retractable measuring tape to help you estimate your catch. This landing net is perfect for competitive anglers who want to increase their chances of success on the water because it keeps working day after day no matter what kind of specimen fish you hook.

0 Ratings: Up Til Now


Fox Rage Landing Net Speedflow II X Large


The Fox Rage Speedflow II X Large Landing Net is something you should look into if you’re serious about fishing. There are three sizes of fixed edge rigid nets: Compact, Large, and X-Large. These incredibly strong rubber-coated, fish-safe mesh nets are the solution for safely landing big fish like pike. The handle retracts and can be tucked away for storage and transport. Foldable Landing Nets are available in two sizes, Medium and Large, for lure anglers who are constantly on the move. The foldable hinged net edge collapses, making it easier to carry from place to place. Foldable landing nets with rubber mesh are perfect when your priority is to Catch and Release with speed and efficiency!

4 Ratings: 7 out of 10


Savage Gear Folding Rubber Mesh Landing Net

Landing Nets

Every angler should have the Savage Gear Folding Rubber Mesh Landing Net L (65x50cm) in their toolbox. You can easily land larger catches with the help of this foldable landing net, which is lightweight and sturdy and has a sliding handle for easy reach. This foldable landing net is packed with features like a collapsible centre for better storage, is made to be used repeatedly, and has a rubberized mesh that makes it ideal for catch-and-release fishing. The best part is that its two-piece design makes it easy to break down and store away in small spaces, making it the perfect option if you’re looking for Foldable Landing Nets that don’t take up a lot of room when not in use.

35 Ratings: 9 out of 10



Picking the best foldable landing net for pike lure fishing can be a difficult task – you have to consider materials, size, and of course all the extra bells and Whistles. Foldable landing nets are convenient for anglers on the go, with carefully crafted rubber mesh ensure maximum catch and release. Make sure to find one that fits your individual needs, whatever they may be! Not just any old Landing Net will do; you want something with quality construction that won’t let you down. Grab your Foldable Landing Net today and get ready to enjoy some of the best Pike Lure Fishing on offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for landing net?

For serious, skilled anglers looking for a Foldable Landing Net, or a Catch and Release Landing Net to catch their big trophy Pike, the best material hands-down is rubber, or any rubber-like material. These nets are slick so they won't damage the protective mucus coating on a fish's skin, as well as being extra durable - no matter how big your catch is! So if you're serious about your fishing and landing net selection process make sure to select one made with a rubber-based material.


What is the best landing net size?

Choosing the ideal landing net size can make a big difference to your fishing experience. Foldable landing nets are a great choice for match fishing, coming in sizes between 35 and 50 cm. If you're on the hunt for Carp, Pike or Catfish, then you'll want to be opting for larger Catch and Release Landing Nets that range from 65 to 80 cm. For those with a particularly wild streak looking for the biggest of fish - fear not! Specialty Pike Landing Nets can scale up to a whopping 165 cm!


What is a foldable landing net?

foldable landing net is a type of fishing net that can be easily collapsed and stored in a compact form, making it convenient for transporting to different fishing locations.


What are the benefits of using a foldable landing net for pike lure fishing?

A foldable landing net allows for easier and quicker landing of caught fish, reduces damage to the fish and tackle, and is more convenient for storage and transportation.